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Thread: running to lose weight

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    Information running to lose weight

    how effective is this in losing weight? cuz thats the only way i really know how to lose weight besides eating right.

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    any aerobics stuff will be good. Long slow running is ok, but not the best.
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    eating right and less is the most effective route to weight loss in practical terms. little things like avoiding eating pizza are easier on you than training to work off the slice or two you just ate. supplement the caloric deficit with some intervals and strength training. if you're also worried about athletic performance, you might want to mention that, too, because that would require more precise advice.

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    i wouldn't run my muscle off but running is essential to the conditioning i'd rather drop the weight in a sauna the old school way
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    you should be training to get better at your age, not to get lighter. if you cant lose the weight in a day or two, it isnt even worth it. you can either get good at wrestling, or good at losing water. pretty easy decision if you ask me.

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