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Thread: Greco Clinch Rules Discussion

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    Gutfirst did a nice job covering the way the rules have changed since the Olympics yesterday. Thoughts?

    Quote Originally Posted by gutfirst View Post
    90 sec feet, 30 sec start from reverse lock or par terre start. 0-0 after 90 sec, red on top period one, blue on top per 2. 1 point for bottom if top doesn't score.
    scoring in the first 90 sec (period 1, 2 or 3), the guy winning goes on top, no point for defending.
    0-0 after 90 sec in the third, total points leader gets choice top or bottom. bottom gets a point for defending if no one scores in last 30. ball grab in period 3 if only point in per 1 and 2 are from defending from bottom. i need a nap.

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    I will repeat my cmment from the previous thread that the reverse lock is way too dependent on who gets the jump. Fouls seem to be assigned radomly.

    The leg clinch is just as bad

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    I'm kind of ambivalent on the actual positioning aspect of it myself. They've got to set them up somehow.

    I will say I like the method of distributing of the clinches better this way than I do with just ball grabs, and would love it if freestyle adapted the same method of deciding who gets put in the position of advantage in the clinch.

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    most guys at the youth level fargo, regionals, etc are going with the par terre start. the reverse lock clinch is rare but the action before the whistle is more important than after.

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    I haven't watched that much but based on what I've seen it's more fair and less exciting than the old reverse clinch.

    Because the clinches are distributed there are less of those awful 1-1 wins (I know a few world championship finals were won by a 1-1.1-1.1-1 score). There are also more takedowns, which is nice. Less big throws, which makes it less exciting.

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    So... in the 3rd the one who has scored most total points get choice for the clinch, is that right? In the 96 kg semis the Iranian seemed really upset that Hungary got to start "down" even though Hungary had outscored him in the match so far.

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    i am not kidding about this. fila changed the starting position of the hands on the back clinch so that you can be on the side because they thought it "looked too homosexual."

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