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Thread: 2009 World Championships: 55/59/63 KG Women's

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    They didn't say what move she got the pin with, there wasn't video of the match and Joe was just going nuts on the audio as she did it.

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    Default Re: 2009 World Championships: 55/59/63 KG Women's

    The text said neck wrench I believe.
    Sounded like it went straight to the back from the feet.

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    Padilla v. Filipava (has an AMAZING mullet)

    1st Period: Filipava scores with a nice throw by to go up 1-0...and immediately goes to an arm bar, but Tatianna fights it off and we're back up to the feet 20 seconds in...Filipava tries the throw by again and then scores with it again to go up 2-0...back to the feet 40 seconds in...Filipava tries to go with a throw by again, and Padilla nearly catches her with a headlock, Filipava comes out the back door in the same scramble and puts Tatianna to her back...scramble gets scored 3 and 2 for Filipava...5-2 Filipava, and Tatianna is bleeding...39 seconds to go and we're starting again...Filipava wins the period 5-2.

    2nd Period: Tatianna working a little from the outside early on...Tatianna looking for her front looking for the slide by...Tatianna clamping the front head from the feet, but Filipava works away...Filipava works the slide by again, and hits it for 3 going out of bounds...3-0 Filipava, with 58 seconds left...Tatianna clamps on a tight front head, but it gets restarted since she didn't do anything with it...30 to go...throw by attempt by Tatianna, 10 to go...Filipava wins.

    Filipava wins 5-2/3-0

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    Verbeek from Canada wins the first period over Gomis from France 1-0 with a nice double leg TD...wins the second period 5-2 with a push out, another double, two leg laces, and nice counter TD.

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    Ahmedli v. Yoshida

    1st Period: Little hand tying, few half shots from both, Yoshida in on a double and drives out of bounds for the push out...1-0 Yoshida, restarts and Yoshida back in immediately for a head inside single leg TD...2-0 Yoshida...throw by attempt by Yoshida...blast double leg TD for Yoshida...3-0 Yoshida...another throw by attempt by Yoshida...Yoshida takes the period 3-0.

    2nd Period: Yoshida reaches for a single as we start off...Yoshida in on a head inside single and scores with a push out...1-0 Yoshida...Yoshida back in on another blast double and they go out as she takes it down gets 3...4-0, back going again and Yoshida immediately on another single and whips it down for a TD...5-0 more single leg TD for Yoshida closes the match out.

    Yoshida wins 3-0/6-0

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    Rix v. Sastin

    1st Period: Both just starting off working the hands during the first 30 seconds...Sastin has a mean looking calf tattoo...45 to go, and still no real offensive attempts yet, slip by rix and Sastin slips behind but no points are awarded...20 to go, and still hand tying...Sastin working a russian inside of 10 seconds but no scoring, we're going to the ball grab.

    Sastin wins the ball grab...caution on Rix...Rix just slips her leg out...Sastin goes back to the Russian and is trying to push out...and Deanna wins another defensive clinch to take the first period 1-0.

    2nd Period: Back going again...little footsweep attempt by Deanna, then kind of looks for a low shot...Sastin goes back to the Russian for a second, but Deanna shucks her off...50 seconds to go, pretty much going at the same slow pace from the first period...Deanna tries a snatch single, but we're going to the clinch again.

    Sastin wins the ball grab...after a kind of choppy start on the period, Sastin finishes for the TD and the 1-0 period win.

    3rd Period: Starting up here in the third...Deanna clamps on a front headlock from the feet, but they stop it...50 seconds in, still operating at a slow pace...35 seconds left...little snatch single attempt by Deanna, had the angle for a second...15 seconds left...Sastin really pounding the head hard, and an iffy push out situation on the edge, they give the point to Rix, and they take it away...going to the clinch.

    Sastin wins her third ball grab...Rix gets her leg out again as they sent to the edge, Sastin pummels in and tries a trip, but Deanna rolls her through to her back and they award the point to Sastin for now...and Joe Flo is going nuts...they replayed it on the board on the broadcast and that looked like another BRUTAL call...they deny the protest.

    Sastin wins 0-1/1-0/1-0

    That had to have been major league "butt points" I guess...but I thought that they only dealt with butt points when you were in the clinch and Rix had worked her way out of the clinch.

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    Vasylenko from Ukraine gets the stick over Canada with a cradle for the second 59 kilo bronze.

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    Azerbaijan pins Poland in the 59 kilo final. They went to three periods, the Azeri was the beneficiary on an awful TD call to make the score 1-1 (had one ankle for about 2 seconds, before Poland kicked away), then Poland scored with a push out to go up 2-1.

    Azeri came back tossed her with a headlock and stuck her.

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    Shalygina from Kazakhstan wins by fall in about 90 seconds for the bronze.

    Had the Azerbaijan wrestler FLAT for about 30 seconds before the ref finally that there was no way that he could avoid calling the fall.

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