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Thread: 55/66/96 KG Freestyle Finals Discussion

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    Kumar lost to Djukaev in the semi's at 66...

    I concur with arm-spin's predictions but like his mine have been pretty much crap so far.

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    Bronze Medal Matches

    55 KG: Krasmir Krastanov (GBR) v. Rizvan Gadzhiev (BLR), Namig Sevdimov (AZE) v. Victor Lebedev (RUS)

    66 KG: Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu (JPN) v. Sushil Kumar (IND), Leonid Spiridonov (KAZ) v. Muhammed Ilkhan (TUR)

    96 KG: Serhat Balci (TUR) v. Ruslan Sheikhau (BLR), George Gogshelidze (GEO) v. Saeid Ebrahimi (IRI)

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    Krastanov v. Gadzhiev

    1st Period:Gadzhiev in on a single leg shot, and gets the TD and a 1 point exposure...2-0...gets another two points with an exposure basically whipping over a claw ride...Krastanov takes a shot, Gadzhiev in on a reshot, Krastanov looking for exposure with a crotch lift, they get into kind of a funky situation, Gadzhiev scoops the head, and they award Gadzhiev the fall at 1:23

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    Sevdimov v. Lebedev

    1st Period: Dart and Joe Flo talking about how scary Mamiashvili is before we get going...not much action so far in the first, lot of level changes and jukes but no shots...Sevdimov takes the first shot, but Lebedev just kind of side steps it and lets him go by...Lebedev in on a low single, and gets the TD with 17 seconds left...Lebedev wins the period 1-0.

    2nd Period: Back going again...Lebedev working the head and juking...Sevdimov is wrestling kind of a more brawling style...Lebedev is more in and out...1 minute in and no score...lot of handfighting...Lebedev on a little shuck and gets towards the legs on the edge, but Sevdimov catches him in a front head...going to the ball grab.

    Lebedev wins the ball grab...Lebedev with a false start...TD for Lebedev for the win.

    Lebedev wins 1-0/1-0

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    Yang v. Akgul

    1st Period: Half shot by Yang, and then another shot by Yang but Akgul fights it off...kind of a slip throw TD for Akgul...1-0...Yang in on a low single shot...and gets the TD...1-1...Akgul kicks him off and they're on their feet...restarted 1:41 in...couple low shot attempts by Yang, Akgul in on a shot, and Yang scores a TD on a reshot at the buzzer and takes the period 2-1.

    2nd Period: Going again...nothing really here in the first 30 seconds...Yang takes a few low half shots...and then takes a quick low double from his knees but Akgul fights them all off...1 minute in still scoreless...Yang takes another shot but Akgul stops him again...Akgul in on a shot, Yang spins out of it and nearly gets in on one of his own...but Akgul fights that off...Yang tries to push out inside of 5 seconds, but we go to the ball grab...

    Akgul wins the grab...and runs the pipe and dumps Yang for the TD...1-0 Akgul.

    3rd Period: Going again...half shot by Yang...Yang shoots in again and scores with a push out...1-0 Yang...snap down by Yang, Akgul pops back to his feet, and a second push out for Yang...2-0 Yang...30 seconds to go...sweet duck under TD for Yang as Akgul was reaching for his head...3-0 Yang...Akgul gets a 2 point exposure as Yang gets in for 1 more TD...

    Kyong-Il Yang is your 55 KG World Champion...2-1/0-1/4-2

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    Yonemitsu v. Kumar

    1st Period: Shot attempt by Kumar early, but Yonemitsu catches him out in front...they're back up on the feet...Dart brings up Grips' match with Kumar on the Flo broadcast...few more half shots by Kumar...still scoreless 1 minute in...Kumar in on a sweep single, but Yonemitsu works his way around for the TD...1-0 Yonemitsu with :29 to go...arm spin attempt at the buzzer by Kumar, period ends 1-0 Yonemitsu.

    2nd Period: Yonemitsu in on a shot...Kumar fights the TD off...but Yonemitsu scores 2 with the exposure...TD now by Yonemitsu to go up 3-0...1 minute to go Yonemitsu still leading in on a head outside single, and finishes behind for the TD...4-0 Yonemitsu...Restarted with :33 to go...:20 to go...Yonemitsu plays defense and wins it.

    Yonemitsu wins 1-0/4-0

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    Spiridonov v. Ilkhan

    1st Period: TD going out of bounds by Spiridonov on a nice ankle pick...1-0 Spiridonov...45 seconds to go, Spiridonov still leading 1-0...couple shot attempts by Ilkhan...Spiridonov fends them off including a singlet grab...and wins the period 1-0

    2nd Period: 30 seconds in...half shot attempt by Spiridonov...Spiridonov in on a high crotch, nice D by Ilkhan he's going after a crotch lift, Spiridonov clamps on the leg and they get stood up...50 seconds to go still scoreless...shot attempt by Spiridonov with 20 seconds left, and reshot attempt by Ilkhan on the edge, Spiridonov gets a TD off a single with about ten seconds left to win.

    Spiridonov wins 1-0/1-0

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    55 kg finals looks like a good match, I hope they archive them somewhere. Nice for Spirindov to get a medal, he's been close for a long time.

    Despite no medal Kumar proves he's the real thing.

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    Djukaev v. Taghavi

    1st Period: 30 seconds in and not much action yet...still no attempts after 1 minute...30 to go and we're still scoreless...little half shot by Djukaev...half shot by Taghavi with 10 seconds left...we're going to the ball grab.

    Taghavi wins the ball grab...and he drops down switches to the double and finishes for the TD...1-0 Taghavi

    2nd Period: Back going again...1 minute in and we're scoreless, lot of handfighting much like in the first period...Dart makes note of the fact that the 66 kilo guys haven't been scoring much...30 seconds to go...Djukaev calls time out...weird situation...15 seconds to go, Djukaev in on the first real shot but Taghavi kicks away, Taghavi in on a double and gets a push out with 2 seconds to go...1-0 Taghavi

    Kermani Taghavi is your 66 kilo World Champion 1-0/1-0

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