The early Gatsalov-Gogchelidze matchup (as posted on the other thread) got me thinking about seeding at the WC's, and how it might be a good idea to prevent the biggest names from knocking each other off early. However, every system of seeding I've thought of has some pretty big problems (which might be why they don't seed). Thoughts?

Seeding method: discussion among coaches, just like they do at national programs. Everything counts towards seeding.
Problem: Endless arguments. Just trying to seed Gatsalov, who is a 4x champion but didn't make last year's olympics, vs Gagchelidze who won Olympic bronze and the last head-to-head, could be a huge argument.

Seeding method: FILA officials do it.
Problem: Liable to be bribed or threatened. Perhaps a secret panel should do the seeding? I don't know.

Seeping methods: Point system based on last year's WC or Olympics. Defending champ gets #1, silver medal #2, and so on. For the double bronzes, the guy who lost to the defending champ can get the higher seed.
Problem: This might be the easiest mothod, but you have to decide wether to seed by country or by athlete.

If you seed by athlete, a guy like Muradov last year gets screwed... he knocks of the defending champ, but gets no seed because he didn't compete the previous year.

If you seed by country, guys like Danny Felix get an unfair advantage. Felix would get the #1 seed because the USA won his weight last year, although he neither beat Cejudo head-to-head nor earned a 1 seed anyh other way.

Points system based on the whole year: Under this system athletes earn points for placement during the year's events (grand prix, Yargin, continental championnships, world cup etc).
Problem: This method benefits the most active wrestlers rather than the best. For countries like Russia that like to send different athletes to different events, this would be a handicap. And if someone like Mindorashvilli shows up, he would have no points although he would be the #1 seed at 84 under another system.

What do you guys think? Would seeding be a good idea? Any better methods of doing it I haven't thought of?