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Thread: Craig on Flo

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    ok so I got beat up a little I suppose.

    Who knew Sevdimov and Velikov would have lost so early???

    Garzon 66 let me down yet again. Don't know why I go with the Cubans.

    I got 1 finalist at 55, 1 at 66, and both a 96.

    I actually got 6/8 quarter finalists, all 4 semis, and both finalists correct at 96!!

    Not bad.

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    What the hell is up with Velikov? I rewatched his matches from back when he won it all the other day, he just about teched Sammie Henson and didn't give up a point to Kukukhov. Now he can't pull it together.

    Garzon is a head case I'm starting to think, just can't win it all.

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    After the discussions you and I have had about the Cubans, I too am wondering why you're so high on Garzon.

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    Garzon has so much potential. he's probably the best athlete in wrestling. The way he destroyed everyone (save Shahin) in Baku was very impressive. Even though he's an undisciplined head case, it's hard to write him off.

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