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Thread: Good Matches

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    Chicago Cup. Some very entertaining matches, but I suggest turning down the volume for those who don't like dumb comments from announcers.
    Hrovat vs Ketoev. Hrovat not only gets his butt kicked, he also gets bitten!
    Lawal vs Temrezov. Watching this, I have to ask... how the hell did Lawal ever weigh in at 84 kg?
    Zadick vs Dudaev

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    Today's category is "Unlikely Medallists" from non-traditional wrestling countries. While greatly helped by the awful 1-1 rounds that permeated Greco for a few rounds, these guys do manage some decent matches.'66'

    Steeve Guenot from France vs Belagliev from Kyrgistan (spelling?) Poor Belagliev loses another final with questionable officating.'74'
    Christopher Guenot from France vs Basci, Hungary in Olympic bronze medal match'96'
    Nabi Heiki, Estonia (2006 world champion) vs Andrea, Belarus in world semifinals.

    And in freestyle, Sushil Kumar from India makes an unlikely run through the consolation bracket to win a 66 kg Olmypic bronze medal. His leg ride is pretty awesome.'66'
    vs Schwab'66'
    vs A. Batyrov
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    Great moments from the clinch (yes, they do exist!)

    I've listed the time the clinch occurs in the video. If you want to watch the rest of the match, remember that it's going to be really, really dull.
    Sissaouri vs Purvetaar, World Finals. Over-under clinch at 10:30
    Abrahamain vs Michine, world finals. Over-under clinch at 7:20.
    Zadick vs Tushishvilli. Not a spectacular move, but one of the biggest upsets and unlikeliest world champions in recent history. Third period leg clinch at 7:45.'66' Another Kumar match, vs Spiridov. Unbelievable counter in the 3rd period clinch, near the end of the video.

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    i still think that fleeing the hold call on tushivilli was pure bs

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    This might be it for a while, as I am going out of town to visit my in-laws. p
    Sajidov vs Romero, Aliev tournament. I think part of the tape is missing, because Romero wins the 2nd period but they only show Sajidov scoring.
    Bedinadze vs Park, world cup

    Quintana at his best'60'
    against Ganzorig, Mongolia'60'
    against Mohammadi, Iran

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    Some old school matches
    Leiopold vs Rodrigues, Cuba. I think it's the gold medal match of the Worlds.
    An undersized Kwon So Him vs Sandu at the 1997 worlds. Great greco match from standing. According to the announcers, the reason Sandu's last counter doesn't score is because he illegaly used his legs.
    Kwon Ho Sim dominating at the Olympics
    Fedorishin in great Olympic match vs Japan
    Murtazaliev vs Farniev in 2004; not much action from standing but pretty good ground wrestling. Also, the right guy won but the scores awarded by the referees have no basis in reality.

    A lot of great matches uploaded by a German guy called "mattensieg" (matt winner) to youtube. I'll post some of the more recent ones, but for those looking for more old-school matches I highly reccomend looking him up.
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    Montero from Cuba vs. Mikhailov. I like the determination Montero shows to avoid getting taken down to preserve the win in the 2nd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    vs. some Russian.
    Osip Mikhailov (placed 2nd at the recent nationals)

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    Is Quintana really just that strong on the front headlock? Or does he have some sort of technique? or both?

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