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Thread: Good Matches

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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    Aldatov vs Bazri. Keep in mind this is a World Finals match.
    Last weekend in Baku, Bazri pinned Aldatov

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    Ya, seems like Aldatov's getting worse. Also pretty pinnable for a world champion.

    Joe Warren vs Albiev, who must have been in high school at the time (he's still real young, right?) You can definitely see why Warren's well suited for MMA; very physical match. I also think that if he came back to wrestling he could win another world title, his strength seems to be from his feet rather than the clinch.
    a well-known, intense match... Warren vs Bedinadze world final. e2=match_poids='60'%20and%20match_style='GR'%20AND %20match_poids='60'%20and%20match_style='GR'&compe t=553
    Warren vs Aripov, 2006 worlds. I've never really watched Joe Warren matches before, and I must say I'm impressed. e2=match_poids='66'%20and%20match_style='GR'%20AND %20match_poids='66'%20and%20match_style='GR'&compe t=575

    Lester vs Mansurov, 2006 worlds. I remember a lot of people saying that Lester got the match taken from him when they blew the whistle while he had Mansurov on his back... watching it, though, I gotta say it looked like Mansurov was back on his stomach when the whistle blew. There's no doubt every close call went in Mansurov's favor but I don't think Harry was screwed over quite as royally as some allege.
    Regardless, great match. Awesome counters by both athletes in the first.
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    Gia Sissouri Pan Am finals. He defeated Mike Zadick in an earlier bout.
    pretty wide open heavyweight bout between Modsmanshvilli and Isayev. I believe the Georgian was later caught for steroid use.
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    Cael Sanderson in 2003 and 2004 (thanks to quick_single for the 2003 videos)
    vs Mindo
    vs Khodaee
    vs Sajidov, world finals
    vs Romero, Olympic semis
    vs Moon, Olympics finals

    I noticed that despite Sanderson's supposed suckitude on the ground, he manages to score ground points on two of these world medallists (3 if you count the chintzy 2-2 call vs Sajidov). He also got exposure points on Gatsalov when they wrestled and Fullhart in their final Olympic trials match.

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    23 points scored in this wide open world semifinal match between Tushishvili and Garzon.
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    Classic Matches Part 2

    These are for the most part well-known, but well worth seeing again.
    Cejudo vs Simmons, 2007 US Nationals finals
    Slay vs Saitiev, 1996 Olympics
    Batirov vs Abas, 2000 Olympic finals
    Shahin vs Garzon, CSKA cup. Shahin proves again that he's the ultimate "clutch" wrestler, he often looks overmatched physically but he finds ways to get it done.
    Full match of 74 kg Olympic finals, Saitiev vs Tigiev. In addition to all the great storyline, the match itself rocked.
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    Olympic semifinal, Terziev vs Satiev. Dunno what Terziev did to piss Saitiev off
    Kurtanidze vs Heidari, world championships. I'm sure the rest of the match can be found somewhere but this is the fun part.

    Some Erik Larkin matches under the old rules:
    great comeback vs TJ Williams using ground technique
    back and forth match vs Frayer
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    Muradov vs Adam Saitiev. A pretty bizarrely wrestled match ends with an awful non-call to give Saitiev the controversial win.
    Moon vs Sajidov, Olympic semis. Gotta love that trapped arm gut wrench!

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    saitiev vs. muradov is a really interesting match! very unorthdox technique at the highest level of competion and yet it is exacuted so efficiently

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