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    levan tediashvili vs ben peterson 1976 olympic final - YouTube
    Peterson/Tediashvilli 1976 Olympic final. Note the lack of gut wrenches, which makes the ground wrestling very folkstyle-y. Also, both guys have a pretty upright stance, and it is the Russian rather than the American who wins on fitness.

    Otarsultanov vs Lebedev, 2009 I.Yarigin - YouTube Otarsultanov/Lebedev. Not many Russians celebrate like Lebedev does.

    Абдусалам Гадисов - Георгий Кетоев - YouTube Gadisov/Ketoev. The master of getting pinned in stupid ways is saved by a lazy referee.

    T.ASGAROV(AZE)-V.FEDORYSHYN(UKR) 1/2 Final - 60 kg European OG Qualifying Tournament 2012 - YouTube Asragov/Fedorishin. Has the Ukranian ever been beaten like this? with Kudukhov's recent struggle Asgarov looks like a very good bet for Olympic gold.
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    Karelin vs CAN 1990 WC, poor guy.

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    Wow. You guys are good. Thanks for the Olympic posts. I look forward to watching all of them.

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    IOC Youtube channel appears to be blocked in the US.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    Anybody got Yonemistu/Lopez (66 kg qf) or Varner/Kurbanov (96 kg first round)?
    varner/kurbanov on youtube olympic channel at 1:02:00

    nobody mentioned the 5 pts throw mongolia vs. makhov.
    there were 3 exciting throws at the FS olympics:
    everybody knows lopez vs. hasanov for the 3rd place at 66 kg

    and espinal vs. gattsiev in the 84 kg semis.

    here is the third one in my top-3:
    Akhsar Magaev's Videos | 1,035 videos
    in the 1st period. unfortunately, i couldnt find a video of better quality. plus, i dont know is this one accessible without registration.
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