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    Damn, Egyptians are such a throwing machines!

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    84 kg finals, Russian Nationals 2009 Methinks the Russians are trying to wrestle like Americans now, a lot of clinches in the matches uploaded so far. Not in this one though.
    Alves vs Sayah Canada cup match, I'll post more if good ones are uploaded.
    Otasultranov on display. I hope they give this guy a wrestle off to make the Russian team, I think he's the best in the world this year.
    good throw by the Egyptian 84 kg wrestler.
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    Some good matches from the 2009 Russian championships and from the Canadian nationals... I'll be gone for a week or so, hopefully someone else will post some good matches as well.
    Gadisov vs Ksotev, 84 kg. Do yourself a favor and only watch the second half
    Kudukhov vs Chaekev, preliminary match at 60 kg.
    Hunyady vs Einhorn. Hunyady was the guy who had a nationally televised wrestle-off with Daniel Igali in 2004 and they started punching each other.
    Garcia vs Ncube Olympic trials. I like the intensity and the announcing more than the wrestling technique... HUGE slap at 3:34 of the first match. Garcia won the 2nd (not shown) match by injury default.

    Webtv Matches: e2=match_poids='96'%20and%20match_style='GR'%20AND %20match_poids='96'%20and%20match_style='GR'%20and %20r.match_tour%20=%20'1/2%20Finale'&compet=593 Khustov vs Svek 96 kg Olympic semifinal (greco)
    Cejudo vs Matasunga 55 kg Olympic final;&compet=971
    Lopez does his best Karelin impression at Pan Am's;&compet=971
    wild match between Reader and Evan Macdonald at Pan Am's. Evan's like 5'5, dunno how he's letting Reader in on his legs so easy.;&compet=971
    Reader vs Fundora, Pan Am final. I figure I better post a match Fundora wins at some point,he looks pretty awesome here.
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    [ame=""]96 kg sf 2 | 2009 Russian Nationals on Flowrestling[/ame]
    wild 96 kg match with some "interesting" technique at the 2009 Russian nationals. Don't know who the westlers are.
    74 kg Russian finals, Gotsiev vs Tsargush. Of note is Tsargush's brilliant single leg defense. I want to see him wrestle straight-up vs Murtazaliev.
    I noticed two things from this year's Russian National finals. a) there was a disappointing number of clinches and b) there was an impressive number of clinches won by the defensive person. I wonder how much American wrestlers train from the defensive position in the clinch (we used to do it all the time). Ok, I'll try to stop mentioning this now, as I've done so many times.
    Tsargush opens up vs Habibi
    Ketoev vs Yazdani, 2007 worlds
    Yazdani vs Danko, 2007 worlds
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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    Don't know who the westlers are.
    This is a quarter- not sf
    red - Alan Lokhov, 2006 jr. world champ
    blue - Shamil Akhmedov, internationally unknown; he eventually placed 3rd after losing to Gatsalov in the semis.

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    African championships, 84 kg greco finals. Not sure how the SA kid got picked for the team or how he made the finals, but he's clearly overmatched in a most entertaining way. e2=match_poids='84'%20and%20match_style='GR'%20AND %20match_poids='84'%20and%20match_style='GR'&compe t=973

    For some reason the webtv is screwed up... this clip features 2 wild 84 kg matches, the second of which is the final... won by Egypt, not South Africa. The African championships may not feature the best wrestlers, but they sure have some wide-open matches! e2=match_poids='84'%20and%20match_style='FS'%20AND %20match_poids='84'%20and%20match_style='FS'%20and %20r.match_tour%20=%20'Finale%201-2'&compet=973

    Stadnik vs Shahin at worlds. One of the wildest clips I've ever seen. Note sure where the rest is but Shahin ends up winning,

    66 kg world greco finals won by the Chinese wrestler Yanyan. One of my favorite greco matches featuring a most unlikely comeback (even if the 4 pts awarded for Yanyan's last throw are a bit suspicious given that he's wrestling in his home country). e2=match_poids='66'%20and%20match_style='GR'%20AND %20match_poids='66'%20and%20match_style='GR'%20and %20r.match_tour%20=%20'Finale%201-2'&compet=553

    Yanyan vs Russia, another great match (if you can get past the endless false starts on the clinch) featuring 2 grand amplitude throws.;&compet=553
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    Baryrov showing why cardio is important. 2=match_poids='66'%20and%20match_style='FS'%20AND% 20match_poids='66'%20and%20match_style='FS'%20and% 20r.match_tour%20=%20'1/2%20Finale'&compet=553
    vs Zadick, 2006 worlds semifinal;&compet=553
    vs Garzon, 2006 bronze medal match. Great variety of technique shown in this high-scoring match.;&compet=553
    On of my former training partners puts on a throwing clinic in a preliminary Greco match.

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    Are there any guys today with better ground techniques than Farniev's hi-gut or Aldatov's ankle lace? Just lethal on top, these guys.
    Farniev stomps 2x world champ Barzakov
    Farniev rolls around Stadnik
    A similar preformance vs Garzon at the world cup.
    Aldatov vs Ganev. This was right after Ganev knocked off Saitiev.
    Aldatov vs Bazri. Keep in mind this is a World Finals match.

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