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Thread: Good Matches

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    Karelin vs Evseytchik @ 95 World's

    Can someoney explain to me how come Filiberto Azcuy and Russia's Iskandaryan went against each other two times in the very same competition?

    Here they are having match at the 95 World's

    And then they faced each other again in the bronze match at the same competition

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    can someone please post that caldwell and schwab mat because everytime I try to view it youtube says it is a private video.

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    until the late 90s, the old international system of wrestle backs was similar (or the same?) to this which is still used in the usa, so it was possible that two wrestlers who had wrestled each other in the priliminaries, met again in the 3rd place match.

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    Thank you again akzent for the answer!

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    Kudukhov vs Iran. What a great wrestler this guy is!
    Hosekani vs Garzon. Not a terribly exciting match but I love the emotional ending. Is Taghavi's #1 spot in Iran in jeopardy?
    Salas vs Temrezov
    Ketoev pins Danko. He also scores a fall vs Yazdani, match is on the "world cup" thread for those who haven't seen it.
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    Barnes vs Metcalf. I like Barnes, but he wrestles just like Brent and Brent is better at it. I wish they'd have asked Haislan Garcia to wrestle in this dual.
    Ruiz vs Abdel-Fatah. Loved the early arm-throw and the second period reverse lift! Announcer keeps getting the two mixed up.
    Gavis vs Espinal. Wild match, lots of throws!
    Gomez vs Moore

    Crowd was pretty quiet for this dual. You'd think the fans would cheer their country on.

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    I finally have time to watch some wrestling:
    Otarsultanov vs Khincheegashvilli, 55 kg finals. Great match, but I can't believe they gave Russia 2 pts for getting gut wrenched.
    Sat vs Guida, 60 kg.
    Sat vs Bucur
    Sat vs Prizeni, 60 kg finals
    Urishev vs Marsagishvilli, 84 kg finals. Sadly the poor reffing (for both athletes) overshadows a wild, action-filled bout.
    Ganev vs Stefan, 84 kg. I'm excited to see Ganev wrestling again after a near-fatal stabbing, though he doesn't look quite in wrestling shape yet. Vicous lateral drop by Stefan from the clinch in the 2nd.
    84 kg Greco. Last years surprise world champ Marinov gets abused by Rachyba.
    55 kg greco. Amoyan vs Borgoyaov.
    55 kg greco. Amoya vs Azizi. This guy is just unreal, both with arm-drag takedowns and lifts. Wow.
    66 kg Hasaynov with a beautiful cradle pin.
    60 kg Prizreni vs Fedorishin. Two great last-second scores in this match.
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    Metcalf vs Ware. Metcalf damn near gets pinned!
    Humphery vs Zadick
    Herbert lays an absolute beating on Hasseman.
    55 kg greco final, Mango airtimes Tellgren.
    66 kg greco final, Lester vs Garrison. Great scramble without touching legs in the first.
    55 kg fs final, Haze vs Nickerson.
    60 kg fs final, Humphery vs Bunch. Love the throws!
    66 kg fs final, Ware vs Kolat. Kolat was this close to the title!
    84 kg fs final, Herbert vs Gavin.
    Burroughs vs White. Great action!
    Holy Crap Lester!
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