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Thread: Good Matches

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    Baytsaev/Yankouski 96 kg final. Great match with an odd ending- since when do people get pinned with high gutwrenches?

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    Otarsultanov v. Rahimi, Iranian league finals, Feb 8

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    Sydney 2000
    84 Kg final Yerlikaya vs Hungarian

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    How did Yerlikaya know right away he had won the referee's decision? Less passivities?

    Either ways, the old tie break rules were just as silly as the clinch. Sudden death overtime (like hockey has it) until someone scores is the way to go.

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    The German Seger, world championship matches

    Tigev/Ebrahami. When was the last time you saw an Iranian win on conditioning?


    Varner lighting up someone other than Ketoev.

    Dlagnev vs Tsarikev. Don't ask me how Dlagnev managed to stay unpinned.
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    Seger was veeeeery good!

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    Garzon vs Taghavi last year, as it was talked about quite a bit on this forum lately.

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    I swear if I had the money I would buy the company that makes those damn horns, just so I could shut it down.

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    Pretty excited about this one! 5ptcrossankle showed me a link to exciting and controversial matches i've wanted to see forever, and here they are.

    Brands vs Dabir, 2000 Olympic semis. What a great match! Very slick takedown by Dabir at the beginning for the big lead. Personally, I though Brand's reverse leg ride (4:42 second period) was fine and the bout didn't need to be stopped there, but it's hard to tell from the video if it's putting unsafe pressure on the knee or not.
    Henson vs Abdullev Olympic finals. Man, wrestling Sammie Henson would be a miserable experience, what heavy hands he has! Then he puts himself way out of position late in a tied match and Abdullev takes advantage. Based on all I've read about this match i assumed Abdullev spent most of it eye-gouging and singlet grabbing, but it really wasn't too bad IMO. Henson's poor positioning at the end is what lost him the match.

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