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Thread: Good Matches

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    Boltukaev vs Gatsalov. I think there's more action in this one than all of Gatlasov's WC matches combined.

    Balz vs Kurtanidze. Nasty looking leg ride in this match!

    Orudzev 1991 WC highlights. Features an exciting OT final match, and one of the best throws ever.
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    Only because he is wrestling Boltukaev, one of the fiew who has a 20th century style of wrestling.

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    Gene is amazing wrestler!!

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    Saitiev vs. Tigiev - 2008 Olympic Games Beijing - High Quality !

    Stadnik vs. Sahin - 2008 Olympic Games Beijing - High Quality !

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    Not working... too bad as those are two of my favoriite matches.

    Tskhadia vs Guenot- what a throw!

    Barzakov vs Tushisvilli
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    Some of the great Randy Lewis matches being discussed on the college forum:

    Lewis Sarkissian dual meet

    Lewis Aleexev dual meet

    The incredible Lewis/Smith olympic trials trilogy

    Olympic finals
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    Good matches, thanks for posting them Arm-Spin.
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    Arm-spin... Sorry, but NYC Olympic, who transmited Olympic Games blocked those videos... I will try upload this matches on vimeo... Mayby vimeo will not block it ;P be patient !

    BTW. Check my new videos on my channel:

    1982 World Championship


    1989 World Games - Suisse - gold matches in all category ! e.g - John Smith and the biggest loser of World Games -- Arsen Fadzayev

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