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Thread: Good Matches

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    Sasha is the best GR wrestler ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vigor5 View Post
    Sasha is the best GR wrestler ever.

    More high-level greco.

    Karelin pins Cuba (clip).

    throw to pin- 85 kg

    Yerlikaya/Zander Olympic finals

    Volny/Yolouz Olympic finals

    Melnishenko/Hall Olympic finals

    Daneilian/Naxarian world finals. Great comeback.
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    my new YouTube channel... I upload new matches, technique videos and so other everyday ! Check It and subscribe if you like

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    Barcelona 1992 final Mehmet Akif Prim TUR vs Russian

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    Sergei Smal manhandling a German guy. I don't know anything about Smal, but I think he beat Tom Brands a few times?

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    What the hell: Real Pro Wrestling- with German announcers!

    55- Abas vs Prescott

    60- Guerrero vs Akin

    66- Bona vs DeAnda (pretty boring match, to be honest)

    74- Pritzlaff vs Blackmon. I wonder how much weight Blackmon cuts- I saw him wrestle live in Guelph and he looked like a big 84, but he's a 74 kg guy here (and 69 kg before that).

    84- Mollica vs Eggum

    96- Tobin vs Hartung

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    Those are pretty cool. It looks like they used a combination of freestyle and folkstyle scoring. The raised mat reminds me of the old school judo competitions.

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    Speaking of RPW...

    When it first came out the guys had come up with a fantastic promo video of highlights. I know its a long shot but does anybody still have a link to it or maybe downloaded it?

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    I'm looking for the Larkin/Schwab match myself, didn't they have a crazy bout scored 20-18 or something?

    Almost an hour of coverage of the 2010 Hargobind tournament. Finals start at 10:00 and challenge matches at 37:00. Unfortunately, there is some crucial parts of matches missing and one of the announcers has no clue (note: it's not called a "crotch grab" and Garcia's stalling is not "exciting") but it's still pretty fun to watch. I might need to find more Raymond Jordan matches, pretty funky guy in this video.

    Here's one
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