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Thread: Good Matches

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    jack bond lmao

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5pointcrossankle View Post
    jack bond lmao
    doesn't he post here sometimes?

    Anywhere... here's 74 kg matches part A... guys not named Saitiev or Kvirkvelia.
    Gaidrov vs a bumped-up Shahin. Another example of the fact that losing the "ball grab" does not mean automatically losing the round, not even against an Olympic champion.
    Chamsurlaev vs Aldatov, a bronze medal match where neither cars about getting scored on anymore... this might be the year Chama finally beats Murtazaliev and wins a world title!
    two world medalists (i think) going at it in greco
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    Quote Originally Posted by 5pointcrossankle View Post
    jack bond lmao
    The kid is a bust but those were some decent throws. Sloppy, but with some pretty good power behind them.

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    74 kg matches, Saitiev and Kvirkvelia. Tons of matches from both guys in youtube, and each one is great. Saitiev's Olympic Final matches can be found here:

    3 of my favorites: vs Leipold.... incredible defense by both guys vs Gaidrov at Euro's vs Iranian world champ Hajiizadeh

    Kvirkvelia might be the one guy who is upset that the awful reverse-clinch rules are beyond us. Not only was he a monster from the top position, but he also had a sick reversal from bottom. I could have posted any of his matches, they all end with big throws, but thiis one's especially good.

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    82/84 kg...

    The freestyle matches aren't exactly new to this forum, but how can I not re-post 2 world/olympic champions throwing each other like in these matches? At least 11 titles between these 6 guys.
    Sajidov vs Gatsalov, Yargin finals
    A. Saitiev vs Magomedov, Russian finals
    Gutches vs Sanderson, US open

    This Greco world final match, ironically featuring no throws, goes up to show how much more awesome sudden-death overtime is then leg clinches, body lock clinches, tiebreakers, ride-outs or anything else FILA or the NCAA can come up with. Oh and because the Finnish wrestler is really scary looking
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    i love the ending of that last greco match

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    Since I'm moving tomorrow and might not be able to post for bit, here's 96 kg as well... a weight that, in the Olympic years at least, leads to great greco and really boring freestyle...

    One of my favorites at this weight is the 2008 Russian final between Muradov and Gatsalov. Even though it has two clinches, it's great because the crowd really gets behind Muradov and the referees seem to get behind Gatsalov (I'm not quite sure but it looks like one is jumping up and down for joy when the coin toss comes up Gatsalov) making the finish all the more dramatic.

    I can't seem to link to the stupid thing (if someone else knows how please feel free) but if you go to flowrestling, go to "Russian Nationals" vidoes and scroll to the bottom of the list there it is.
    Gazyumov vs Ketoev, Euro finals

    Gaber, 2004 semis and finals (those are two world champions he is throwing around)
    Khustov, olympic final (highlights) His reversal-to-suplex has got to be one of the all-time great moves.

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    not sure what Nazarian won with this big throw but he was PUMPED!

    BTW I'm looking for a couple of Greco matches, from 2002 worlds I think, not entirely sure. One is the Gaber-Ozeal match that ended something like 15-11 (and accusations that Gaber lost on purpose). The other is a Samargachuev (spelling?) vs Aczuy match where the Cuban was awarded an erroneous point late and the Russian calmly picked him up and threw him for 5 and the win. Anyone know where these matches can be found?

    The Nazarian match is the 2005 World Final against Ashkani from Iran.

    I have the Gaber match from 2002. I'll try to post it at some point.

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    Bad Quality but very good Greco match with aggressive standing part too. From 2008 Euro's Nozadze vs Khushtov

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