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    Here's how I saw the match:

    First period- Turkey 3 pt throw, Japan 1 pt counter and 1 pt td. Turkey wins 3-2.

    Second period- Turkey 1 pt td. Japan pushout that the ref scored, but the table waved off, presumably because Turkey was in a sprawl. Final scramble is 2-2. 3-2 win for Turkey. If Japan had gotten the pushout, he would have won the period 3-3 on last point.

    One of freestyle's obscure rules is that if you only score a pushout if the defensive wrestler is in a standing position. In this case, Turkey was on his feet and "jumped" into a sprawl as he was being pushed out. I'll defer to those who know more about the details of officiating if that should have been a point or not, but I would have given it.

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    Coleman vs Mango at Beat the Streets. Unreal finish to a pretty action-packed bout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post

    Coleman vs Mango at Beat the Streets. Unreal finish to a pretty action-packed bout.
    Very entertaining match as Mango matches usually are. The last move was something I have never even concieved of before.
    The throws were so good and there were so many, it almost makes me question if it was a "work" where they let themselves be thrown for the crowd's entertainment.

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    today's 55 kg final at Ali Aliev tourney, Makhachkala
    Israpilov (Rus, blue) v Bayaraa (Mongolia)

    (cell phone video!)

    [ame=""]YouTube- ????? ? ????? ????????[/ame]

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    akzent, do you know the results of the ali aliev tournament?

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    yes but.. right now i'm watching oldies

    a soviet film about the 1989 FS worlds - commented fragments from the finals (except for 62 kg)

    at 3:30 48 kg 2 Koreans
    6:00 52 kg Jordanov v Toguzov
    9:30 57 kg Kim v Mohammadian (Iran)
    13:00 62 kg Smith v Sarkisyan /not a final/
    16:20 68 kg Budaev v Akaishi
    20:15 74 kg Monday v Fadzaev
    22:45 82 kg E. Jabrailov v Douglas
    25:20 90 kg Khadartsev v J. Sherr
    28:35 130 kg Soleimani v Baumgartner
    29:55 100 kg Atavov v B. Sherr
    33:10 absolute Atavov v Soleimani

    another soviet film from the 1980s
    A & S Beloglazovs, Fadzaev and Victor Alexeev practicing; plus fragments from some matches

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    and another one - 1982 worlds - fragments from matches of some of the soviet champs

    1:50 Ilya Mate, 100 kg, final v Chervenov (bulgaria)
    5:15 Kharachura, 68 kg, final v Cascaret (cuba)
    7:10 Dzagoev, 82 kg, final v Kamberov (bulgaria)
    9:10 A. Beloglazov, 57 kg, final v Tomiyama (japan)
    12:27 S. Beloglazov, 62 kg, v Brown (australia)
    14:35 final v Shterev (bulgaria)

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    Man, that A. Beloglazov/Tomiyami match was something, I'd love to see the whole thing.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Beloglazov v. Shterev 1982 World Championships[/ame]
    Full match, S. Beloglazov vs Shterev

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