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Thread: Good Matches

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    Today's theme is OT matches. These bouts aren't necessarily the most exciting throughout, but OT is always fun.
    Mussulbes vs Taymazov. Taymazov gets real sloppy at the end... let the conspiracy theories begin!
    Back when Farniev had cardio...
    the clinch just can't compete with this kind of excitement

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    I don't know what is stranger... the moves Askren pulls, or that they work so well.
    Yazdani vs Termezov, good action from a couple of big guys
    Gog sticks Heydari!
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    wild greco roman match
    2004 olympic final features a couple of great throws
    both 60 kg matches at this years US world team trials (AKA the one exciting final). I'm suprised this one hasn't generated any discussion. In both matches, the referees have to make a very tough call at the end of the 3rd period. Both calls go in Bunch's favor. A split second difference in both matches and Zadick could have won the series.

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    fadzaev highlights..

    Adam Saitev vs romero

    thomas zander vs yerlikaya 82 kg greco Atlanta 1996

    sydney 2000 nazarian vs korean

    ketoev vs yazdani World Cup 2007

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    Sweet matches! I'd been looking for that Nazarian match for a long time, it's my all-time favorite Greco match.

    I had to do actual work today so no time to find more videos on youtube, but here are some classic ones that have been posted a bunch of times before- but a "good matches" thread wouldn't be compete without them.

    Saitiev vs Murtazaliev in the 2007 and 2008 Russian nationals.

    Shahin vs Garzon world championship final
    Sanderson vs Adam Saitiev at Yargin tournament
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    55 kg matches:
    velikov vs kudukhov world final
    kuudhov vs gonzales
    sourian vs ukraine, wild first period

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    60 kg matches
    Quintana vs Batriov... I'd hate to be the ref making the call on that last-second throw!
    Batriov vs Dudaev. Two great defensive scramblers going at it.
    Quintana vs Dudaev. It's still a good match, but this one could have been even better if the referees would call "fleeing the hold".
    Benidadze vs Diaconnu... who knew greco guys could scramble as well?
    not sure what Nazarian won with this big throw but he was PUMPED!

    BTW I'm looking for a couple of Greco matches, from 2002 worlds I think, not entirely sure. One is the Gaber-Ozeal match that ended something like 15-11 (and accusations that Gaber lost on purpose). The other is a Samargachuev (spelling?) vs Aczuy match where the Cuban was awarded an erroneous point late and the Russian calmly picked him up and threw him for 5 and the win. Anyone know where these matches can be found?
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    66/69 kg

    I had a bit of a hard time picking these, a ton of good matches around at 66. Also a ton of guys with multiple world medals but no championships; some of them featured in these matches.
    Igali vs Gitinov. On of my all-time favorites.
    I think Tusishvillli is the best active wrestler never to have won a world title... except in this match.
    Stadnik is another contender for the "best guy without a gold" distinction, in the Euro finals here.
    Lester beats up the defending world champion.

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