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Thread: Good Matches

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    Great greco matches guys!
    Khustov vs Teplouxov (or something). Good bout but the scoring confuses me... Khustov scores a 3 pt throw in the first period, the other guy gets a 2 and 1, and still wins. What the crap?
    good jr. greco match.
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    Farniev vs ?
    Saitiev vs Chyklade
    Someone already posted this one on the Ncube thread, but I couldn't resist. Cleo Ncube vs Akmed, awesome match.
    I can't decide on a name: the "head tape match", the "bout of many pushouts" or the "crazy dance at the end match". Either way, a good one between Balci and Laliev.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    I believe that is Musa Murtazaliev, a brother of makach

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    1996 games
    kurtanidze vs future russians' head coach jambulat tedeev

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    Otusultranov vs Lebedev.
    Kotchiev vs Bamatkaziev, quite the display of exposure techniques in this bout
    Another old school match- unbelievable bout between Dave Schultz and Magomedov.

    Man, Kurtanidze has a wicked gut wrench based akzent.
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    I don't remember these been posted yet

    @ 09 Euro's

    Little Mankiev vs Ekstrom. First period is nothing new but the second one is very nice.'55'
    Amoyan vs Anastasiadis'55'
    Zeinalov vs Tats, now that's wrestling!'55'
    Amoyan vs little Mankiev, really wild battle.

    Krymov vs Martinez, first round is such a beatdown.
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    Little Mankiev has got to be one of the most exciting greco wrestlers around.'55'
    Big Mankiev vs Sourian, good first period in the huge upset. The 2nd and 3rd remind us how awful the reverse-clinch rules were'120'
    Akhmedov vs Iran in the olympics
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    Kurtanidze vs Khadartsev. I like the comment, "well that could have gone better".
    Kurtanidze vs Baer
    A. Saitiev vs Leipold, European championships
    Travis Lee vs Shimizu
    Randy Couture vs Foy. Great action, incredible throw at 2:15
    Roberson vs Nickerson. What a beating!

    more awesomeness from Kvirkvelia (vs Kowalski)
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