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Thread: Good Matches

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    who is Gaber throwing here? He looks pretty excited.

    Hamza Yerlikaya. I don't how Gaber pulled that one off. Yerlikaya was between both of his legs. Gaber's hips are unbelievable.

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    Yerklikaya hey... that's unbelievable.
    Cormier in a real gong show
    Shahin vs Djukaev
    Chama vs Shykka- what a match!!!

    And a couple of "let us never speak of that again" moments...
    Lhamajapov vs Teedev

    Hrovat vs Lawal.. repeatedly

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    Some (relatively speaking) old school matches

    good old-fashioned greco match
    Aristidia vs Ergolu, even better greco bout.


    Sammie Henson, world semis and finals. He looks real mean in par terre!
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    How successful was this Zazirov guy? He beats the living crap out of a young Adam Saitiev here.
    Botaev vs Farniev... forget after the whistle pushing, this one has an after-the-whistle suplex!
    Batirov vs Tevfik. Batirov is one of those guys who can score in spectacular fashion when he needs to, like in this match, but too often decides to win 1-0, 1-0.

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    Quick pins don't get much sweeter than this- Fortune vs Ikehara
    Pritslaff vs Kokaev- good, hard-fought bout
    Kvirkvelia gets pinned! vs Babajandazeh.

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    Skip the first period of both these matches!!
    Yazdani holds Williams upside down for the whole two minutes. One of the most bizarre rounds I've seen.
    Gatsalov vs Kurtanidze, the clash of the 5-foot titans at the world cup. Really, you just need to watch the massive double leg at 7:34.

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    Fundora vs Shykka.... man, I know Fundora is a big stud because he's an olympic medallist and he used to beat up Igali all the time, but seriously, is there a wrestler with his credentials anywhere with weaker defence?'84''84'

    Full matches from an El Fatah highlight reel I poste earlier, featuring some nice throws. First one's against the Russian Michine, second one's against the South African Bella Lufa.'FS'
    Henson vs Velikov. Features a minute-long scramble and some great top wrestling.
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    Watch for this Shyyka guy in Denmark. He could possibly win a medal.

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