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Thread: Good Matches

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    Gogchelidze against some of the legends of the sport.
    vs Kuramagomed
    vs Taimazov (Artur Taymazov?)

    vs Murtazaliev

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    Cejudo vs Sevdimov (in 3 pts), Olympic semifinals. Weak video, awesome match.
    For Canadian wrestling fans: Travis Cross vs Danny Brown at Canada cup. Brown used to wrestle at 66 kg and looks like he still could compared to Travis.
    3 Canada cup finals: Cross vs Tagziev(84), Pliev vs Jarvis (96) and Bagev vs Peters (120). All actually feature some pretty sweet moves.

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    Well, I think I'm done posting until the world championships; having trouble finding more good matches within my time frame (last 10 years-ish). That and I have to go back to work

    Finally, here are some matches from big studs who don't have a lot of footage on youtube. These matches aren't necessarily the most exciting, but they are still worth watching because of the individuals competing in them.
    Dabir vs Buslovich, 2000 Olympic finals
    koguashvilli vs wronzky 1999 world finals
    Taymazov vs KK, 2004 Olympics
    Mishin vs Vering world finals
    Neal vs Shumilinn world finals

    finally, in case you missed it on the other thread (thanks azkent) this year's 66 kg junior word finals match is incredible. Seriously, watch this match.

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    Very much appreciated again arm-spin...

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    What a comeback! 1999 Russian nationals.

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    Some Baku matches are up on Webtv. Thanks to everyone who recommended matches on the other thread, they were great!

    in addition to those recommended on that thread, I suggest the 66 and 96 kg Greco finals. One's a quick pin, the other has some nice throws. e2=match_poids='66' e2=match_poids='96'

    Lots of matches reccomended here, and they're all good. The 74 kg match between Chama and Tigiev is unreal. Follow the directions on the thread.

    Oh and the 60 kg final between Azerbayjan and Iran features a pretty slick pin.

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    84 kg Jr. World Greco Finals. Haven't found many epic ones under these newest rules but this one is decent and feature sa great scramble in 3rd!
    Kortoev vs Marsagishvilli, jr world semis. Marsiagishvilli beat him in the jr. Euro finals.
    Andrey "throw to own back" Stadnik vs Tushishvilli
    Georgi "really throw to own back" Ketoev vs Saidov
    Stadnik figures this throwing out. Whole match is good but 4:45- wow!!

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    With all the hype Makhov is getting I thought I'd look up some of his matches. Not something I'd advise, but this one is watchable Makhov proves that power and cardio still have it's uses in the the 3-rounds system vs Kuramagomedov.
    Big upset? Mihalov beats Otosultranova at the same nationals.
    Khustov is the man

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    Today's youtuber is goran00. Some of his best stuff is already on this thread, but he has a ton of good part-matches, including both Saitievs.
    I'm not usually much for highlight reels but this old-clinch throw from Barzakov needs to be seen.

    Gaber doing his thing
    who is Gaber throwing here? He looks pretty excited.
    Ganev vs Tigiev, with some pretty nasty looking scrambles
    Mindo vs Sajidov world final, a couple of pretty accomplished guys going at it. The first period is slow, but the second features some ultra-slick takedowns by Sajidov.
    Saitiev vs Ganev. Kind of sad to watch this one, Saitiev totally runs out of gas and coughs up a late lead- twice. Oh, and Ganev wrestles really hard, the full six minutes, to get the upset.
    Finally, from another guy, a short clip from a match I still haven't seen. After going way down early, Ozal starts throwing Gaber around (legitimately or not?) for th ewin.

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