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Thread: Good Matches

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    Great, scramble-filled match between Murta and either Elkiev or yet another Batirov.

    It's Ruslan Elkiev form UKR

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    thanks quick_single
    the exciting finish of an otherwise dull match shown here, Gatsalov vs Ebrahami world finals.
    German league, Sandhu vs Jablonski
    Metcalf vs Cross, force vs funk

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    Clash of the Titans part 2
    A. Saitiev vs Gatsalov, Russian nationals. If I remember correctly after Saitiev wins, Gatsalov protests and they change the score to a tie... but Saitiev still goes to worlds.
    A. Saitiev vs Romero, world finals... if anyone has a link to the second half of this amazing match (won by Saitiev in OT) please post it.
    Velikov vs Kudukhov at Euro's. Starts slow, gets good.
    Mussulbes vs Taymazov Olympic finals
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    Today's theme is "lots of point scored"
    Arif Abdullev vs German wrestler, 2000 Olympics
    Saitiev vs Laliev, Olympic finals 2004
    Murta vs Chama, Yargin semifinals
    Ketoev unleases his wrath on Salas

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    armspin, these are some entertaining matchups. thank you!

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    No problem, dirtyholt. You should post some matches of yourself competing!

    Adam Saitiev day...
    Saitiev/Saritov match some people were talking about. Saritov scores of an early cradle but it goes downhill from there for him.
    A. Saitiev vs Aliev
    Saitev vs Tomaev. What a wild matchup!
    vs arch-nemesis Sajidov

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    Where, and when did Metcalf wrestle Kendel Cross?

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    US Nationals a few years ago, I want to say 07.

    Awesome videos arm-spin

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    thanks JensenS.

    Steven Abas day. To those who followed mr. Abas' career more closely than I have, do you guys think he was maddeningly inconsistent on the world stage?
    Abas vs Quintana
    vs Montero
    vs unnamed Cuban
    vs Cejudo (highlights, can't find whole match)
    vs Tublea (WC match)

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