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Thread: Good Matches

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    its definetly a combination of both. I saw him put a japanse wrestler to sleep with it at canada cup in 2003.

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    Was that the year Quintana beat up on Gia Sissouri in the finals?'60'
    Here is a case of his front head lock backfiring, vs Batirov in the Olympics

    Still haven't seen any epic bouts from this year's jr. worlds, but this ones isn't bad.'74'

    74 kg semis, Kazakstan vs Russia'50'
    50 kg finals, Jr European championships won by Turkey
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    Some good matches form the jr. worlds in freestyle.
    60 kg finals, Russia vs Azerbayjan. Anyone know how the Russian kid did at the Russian nationals? He looks pretty smooth and technical.
    excellent match at 74 kg, rematch of last year's finals according to akzent. The Russian is dominant early but the Iranian comes back in a big way. I can't imagine the Russians were too pleased with the points awarded for the 3rd-period scramble.
    Jordan Oliver puts on a friggin' clinic vs. Airdrie, Canada.
    Dom Bradley puts on an impressive display of "I shoot, I score; you shoot, you score" vs Azerbaijan. I haven't seen much video of this guy before, but I can't believe how easy he makes it look. If he packs on some muscle and develops a solid gut-wrench (or perhaps he has that already?) I could see him doing serious damage as a sr. wrestler.

    Based on written scores there's gonna be more good ones coming.
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    More from "mattensieg".
    Don't recognize these guys, but pretty cool finish. Apparently the blue guy is European champion.

    A couple of greco matches from the 99 world finals.
    Tretikov vs Sang, apparently both previous world champs. Not much scoring, but a very physical match. At 3:25 the Russian is on top and doesn't even try to score, just digs his chin into the Korean's back to cause him pain.
    Rivas (Cuba) vs Korea. Dominant prerormance by the Cuban, beautiful greco takedowns. The announcers are complaining because Rivas beat the German guy by protested match.

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    Time for some wierd ones, or at least wierdly officiated...
    Asell vs Ascuy, 1996 Olympic finals. One of the best greco matches I've ever seen, as well as one of the worst cases of officiating... I think the Cuban deserved to win, but it sure as hell wasn't be a score of 3-2.
    Saitiev vs Adzhiev, I remember there being a pretty lively thread a while back on the proper scoring on this bout. Saitiev gets head-locked!
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    Sourian vs Durlacher. I dunno what it is about Sourian, but a lot of his matches are awful to watch because it consists mostly of his opponents cheating on the clinch/grabbing legs and getting cautioned. This one has both throws and cautions!
    Barzakov sticks Tushivilli
    same move again
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    Don't recognize these guys, but pretty cool finish. Apparently the blue guy is European champion.

    Red is Bagavdin Umakhanov. Don't recognize blue.

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    Saitiev vs Brozowski at the Olympics
    Saitiev vs Ritter, world finals. The reverse double leg is something else.
    Great, scramble-filled match between Murta and either Elkiev or yet another Batirov.
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    There seems to be a lot of Umakhanov's as well. I think some of these have been posted before.
    S. Umakhanov vs Dabir
    M, Umakhanov kicks the living crap out of Teedev
    his Olympic finals vs Barzakov

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