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    Obviously it doesnt matter anymore at this point because he has a playoff spot locked up, but should wiltz really be allowed to start humphrey as a backup at 133 when the guy he drafted is wrestling 141 for ohio state?

    It doesnt matter for playoffs but come confrences/ncaas it could make a difference

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    The guy he drafted isn't their 141 starter. Jaggers is.

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    Enright was hurt for the first two and a half months and has wrestled 3 times. Twice at 141 once at 149. If you are trying to penalize me for drafting a guy that was out with a knee injury, it would have been nice to let me know. so I could have taken someone in the supplemental draft instead of a week before the play-offs.

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    enright has wrestled at 141 for ohio in their last two duals

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    *shrugs* Im just pointing out that thats not very consistent with the rules its jensens call not mine. If humphrey was enrights backup while he was injured and you got to draft him thats fine but now that he's obviously healthy and not wrestling where you drafted him anymore I dont see why you'd still be able to score humphrey.

    Im not trying to be a dick Im just pointing out that following the rulebook you really shouldnt be allowed to score points there. I follow the rules just like everyone else.

    I didnt put in harvards 133 backup last week because I wasnt sure who they'd wrestle and jensens said I needed to have a specific name and that cost me 6 points. If we're going to be strict about some of the injury rules why wouldnt we be strict with all of them?

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    Also as to enrights injury it seems like its probably mostly his inability to make 133 as he's wrestled 141 and 149 this year and I think I recall him having trouble with weight last year.

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    I'm letting him keep Humphrey.

    Is the rule about replacing guys in your line up kind of screwy? I admit, that it definitely is. Clarifying that rule is one of my bigger priorities to look at with respect to the league this off season.

    But I really think its unfair for me to jump in and snatch a guy Wiltz has been using due to injury for basically the whole year, especially when the rule has been kind of a gray area this year

    Put yourself in his shoes dude, if you were in this situation with the rule murky like this, and I came and tried to take a guy away from you, you would blow your top.

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    I was told by some tOSU guys Enright had a bad knee at the beginning of the year and he would be out until the end of December. From there I don't know what is up with him.
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