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    Well Schlottke decided to go and lock the thread before I finished my post...

    it doesnt really matter to me since it doesnt look like Im going to make the playoffs but you definitely need to be more consistent with how you apply the injury/nonstarter rules. Enright obviously isnt injured anymore and you're still letting wiltz use a backup ohio guy at 133, I wasnt able to start preston because he wasnt elligible 1st semester and under the rules I thought that fell under the "shit happens" catagory where you're just out of luck.

    If I'd been able to start harvards backup 133 as well as being able to start him last week it would have given me 18 points which is a definite improvement from the 0 preston has gotten me so far and might end up being the difference between getting a playoff spot or not.

    ISU has had problems with Iowa states 125 pounder and has basically gotten screwed over because the guy he drafted didnt end up starting and he wasnt able to pick up the backup because there wasnt a known injury, then during the supplimental he dropped clark for kist and cael pulled the switcheroo on him and he hasnt been able to get points at 125 all year.

    Whats the deal with saf/glasser? Didnt someone lose out there too?

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    And I'm going to flex my Admin powers and reopen it.

    I do feel like this particular matter has been settled, but since the topic is still here at hand, we can use this thread to solicit ideas about how best to tighten up the replacement rule for next year.

    I'm sure I could find some league member, somewhere with an opinion on the topic.

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    Yeah, I closed it because I felt the conversation was finished. I apologize that you were in the middle of a post LoSt, I looked before closing and nobody was active in the thread.

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    its fine I was searching the forums trying to find out what happened to whoever picked up glasser because I couldnt remember.

    Its a tough topic to have a fair system for, I personally think that if a guys injured you should be able to use whoever is put in as his backup, if boris nockchev gets hurt you should be able to put in his backup without having a specific name because a lot of times a team has more then one option and there is no way to tell.

    Then again you can run into problems. What about whoever drafted strayer? He lost a wrestleoff against scott but ALSO got injured and is out for the season so does that guy get to start garret scott who is clearly an AA contender even though strayer lost the spot anyway?

    The biggest problem is the lack of information there is about wrestling its often unknown the extent of an injury or if a guy is injured at all.

    We need to either have a strict system or a leniant system, I was under the impression that we were being pretty strict about injurys and what you could and couldnt do, but now you're cutting wiltz a lot of slack which is I dont think fair to the rest of us. If you want to be lenient and let people do stuff like that its fine by me but that then that should be clearly stated and an opportunity available to everyone.

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    I don't think I'm cutting Wiltz a lot of slack, as I said with the way things are, it'd be kind of low of me to dart in and snatch a guy he's been using all season.

    And my point from the previous page remains, put yourself it Wiltz's shoes for a second.

    If someone brought this up, and it was on your team, you'd go nuts because as you've pointed out the rule isn't clear.

    Maybe if other people take up arms over this situation (and you're more than welcome to direct them to this thread to consider the question) I'd think further about it.

    On your other questions, Trusty drafted Glasser, and Stiffy drafted Saf who is still on is team. Stiffy also has Strayer, nobody bothered picking up Scott. So nothing really doing in that situation.

    Like I said, the rule is screwed up. I'm well aware of that, and I will solicit opinions from everyone about how best to fix it.

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    I guess the whole strayer and saf thing is moot because stiffy isnt playing anymore.

    Yeah you have a point about the humphrey thing I'd probably be pretty upset if you tried to take him away from me in mid-season and the rule IS unclear.
    But can you at least see how its kind of unfair to the rest of us that have been following the injury policy to the letter?

    I dont think anyone else is going to be up in arms about this I think most people here are pretty laid back about this fantasy league, its not a huge deal to me either but I noticed it and I thought I'd point it out.

    So then let me pose three hypothetical questions to you.

    #1 Lets say someone drafted nord and no one drafted berhow, if nord gets beaten out for the spot by berhow does the guy who drafted nord get to start berhow?

    #2 lets say saf hadnt been drafted and glasser got injured so saf was starting for the gophers, but then glasser got beaten out later on (which is what happened.) Would the guy who drafted glasser be able to start saf the whole year even though in the initial rules you had being beaten out of the starting spot as an "out of luck" type of scenario?

    #3 How about the strayer example if stiffy was actually playing, he's been spltting time with scott all year but the other week he lost a wrestleoff AND got injured so is out for the year, would stiffy be able to wrestle scott even though strayer got beaten out?

    From what I've gathered so far your answers are going to be no, yes, and yes. That seems a little inconsistent

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    Btw Lost the end of Feb. is not "mid-season". Why don't you create a poll and if 50% of the fantasy particiants agree with you. I won't use Humphrey again. Until that time he is staying on my line-up.

    Btw, Lost Santa Claus isn't real(it's really your mom & dad).
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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    Broseph you're just being a dick now and I suggest you check yourself, Im bringing up a valid point whether you disagree with me or not.

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    Default Re: Question

    I'm the one being a dick? LOL.

    I am not your bro. Another thing db, I had no information that Enright was healthy. He just now started wrestling "filling in" for Jaggers and Palmer. Had it been common knowledge that he wasn't going to step on the mat at 133 after all this time I would have drafted a replacement 133 pounder during the supplemental draft. Could I have drafted Humphrey then? Humphrey is not even wrestling this week they are off. Just worry about getting into 4th place so I can beat you silly.

    I was just joking about Santa he is real.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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