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Thread: Playoffs/NCAAS

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    Yeah, and I may just declare the kind of moratorium that I did during the lull before the Scuffle, and Midlands.

    Then restart things back up with the semifinal rounds, and whoever else wants to post line ups come the week of 3/2.

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    My point is lets say Fantasy Manager A has 5 guys from the pac 10 on his team and 10 guys from the other confrences while Fantasy Manager B has only 1 guy from the pac 10. Fantasy Manager A can start his 5 the one week and all 10 the next week under the current system while Manager B could only score 12 wrestlers tops, this doesnt seem fair.

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    Not if I only give two or three (the more likely number) swap out spots to make eleven.

    How people use it to try and maximize their Conference Champ bonus should be interesting.

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    I"m confused
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    You'll post a line up by March 2. There are several conference tournaments that weekend as can be seen. This scoring period, however will also include the week of March 9.

    I'm going to let the four semi finalists post a line up for March 2, and then I'll allow them two modifications to that line up for the week of March 9.

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    I'm a little confused as well. So we post a line-up but, I only have one guy going on the 3-2 to 3-3
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    I think for now we'll just bag the sub in the middle idea since it seems to be confusing people.

    What we're doing:
    By 3/2 you'll post a line up for the Conference tournaments, that line up will run through all the Conferences. Then the winners will post a line up for NCAA's.

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    Well I only have 12 healthy bodies so if it comes down to all 15 I am f'd to start with.
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    What I've decided to do for those who don't make the playoffs, but still want to post their line ups for Conferences and NCAA's is to change things up a little bit.

    We'll turn it into a little competition, it won't be head to head, like the top four will be, it'll be regular scoring for the two periods, just like its been during the regular season.

    The thing I'm going to change up though, is you won't be constrained by having to have a conventional line up. Just post your best eleven.

    Let me repeat, this just for the "losers" those who make the top four will carry on with the four person tournament, and will still have to post a conventional line up.

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