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Thread: Fantasy League Discussion: 2/8-2/14

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    Default Fantasy League Discussion: 2/8-2/14

    125: Boris Novachkov v. Stanford/Cal Bakersfield
    133: Franklin Gomez v. Ohio State/Northwestern
    141: Manny Rivera v. Northwestern/Purdue
    149: JP O'Connor v. Penn/Princeton/Sacred Heart
    157: Gregor Gillespie v. Cleveland State
    165: Colt Sponseller v. Michigan State/Michigan
    174: Trevor Perry v. Purdue/Illinois
    184: Rocco Caponi v. NC State/Duke
    197: Max Askren v. Oklahoma/Oregon State
    285: Kyle Massey v. Illinois
    Flex: Mike Grey v. Columbia/Wagner

    21 matches
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 2/8-2/14

    125 Tanner Gardner Cal Poly/Cal St Fullerton

    133 Reese Humphrey Mich St/ Mich/Edinboro

    141 Dan Leclere ASU/Boise St

    149 Lance Palmer Mich St/ Mich/Edinboro

    157 Ryan Hluschak Hofstra

    165 Aaron Janssen ASU/Boise St

    174 Josh Patterson East Stodsburgh/Columbia/F&M

    184 Eric Chine Ohio/Buffalo/Eastern Michigan

    197 Mike Tamillow MN/Michigan

    HWT Matt Fields ASU/Boise ST

    Flex Phil Keddy ASU/Boise ST

    Another 25 matches this week
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 2/8-2/14

    125: Mcknight
    133: Ruggerillo
    141: Kruger
    149: Metcalf
    157: Poeta
    165: Lewnes
    174: Herbert
    184: Sinnott
    197: Rovelli
    HWT: Gritter
    Flex: Hopkin
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 2/8-2/14

    25-Escobedo-Purdue, ILL
    33-Fanthorpe-OSU, ASU
    41-Griffin-Lehigh, Drexel
    49-Atkinson-UCD, Stanford, SFS(MOJO MAN)
    57-Sherfey-MSN, Iowa
    74-Borschel-ASU, BSU
    84-Murphy-UCD, Stanford, SFS
    HWT-Hammond-Columbia, Wagner
    Flex-Dillashaw-UCD, Stanford, SFS

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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 2/8-2/14

    I think I can just about make out everyone else's line-ups now. Starting to be pretty consistent now that conferences are in play.
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 2/8-2/14

    125: Mike Sees, Bloomsburg
    Feb 10th vs CMU
    Didnt show...

    133: Josh Baldridge, UNI
    Feb 10th SDSU
    MD +4

    141: C.J. Ettelson, UNI
    Feb 10th SDSU
    Dec +3

    149: Darrion Caldwell, N.C. State
    Feb 8th vs North Carolina
    WBF +6 1st period
    Feb 10th vs Virginia
    WBF +6 1st period
    Feb 13th vs UNC Greensboro
    WBF +6 1st period

    157: Matt Moley, Bloomsburg
    Feb 10
    L Grayson

    165: Eric Tannenbaum, Michigan
    Feb 8th vs Penn State
    MD +4
    Feb 10th vs Ohio State
    Dec +3 Sponseller

    174: Alton Lucas, Hofstra
    Feb 8th vs Lehigh
    Dec +3
    Feb 12th vs Drexel
    MD +4

    184: Mike Pucillo, Ohio State
    Feb 8th vs Michigan State
    Dec +3
    Feb 10th vs Michigan
    Dec +3 Todd
    Feb 14th vs Edinboro

    197: T.J. Morrison, Rider
    Feb 10th vs Old Dominion
    MD +4
    Feb 14th vs Lehigh

    HVY: Justin Dobbies, North Carolina
    Jan 8th vs N.C. State
    Dec +3

    FLEX: Mike Letts, Maryland
    Feb 13th vs American
    WBF +6

    More of a rough sketch then a final lineup I still have to figure out my flex and what I'm doing at 133... if Preston actually shows up I could be in for a monster week but considering harvards track record I somehow doubt it...

    One thing I know is there is no way Im catching up to wiltz at this point so gofer is pretty much my only focus!

    38 with 6 left I mean its not a disaster but by no means a great week or a great performance way too many decs

    58 with 2 left
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 2/8-2/14

    dont have the time or the energy anymore, school/life is keeping me busy otherwise I probably would thats how into this stuff I get :P

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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 2/8-2/14

    Once again it looksl ike Im not starting davis... Lucas is obviously in at 174 for the week and I think morrison wins both of his matches and might pick up bonus, and while its possible davis pins its not super likely as biondo is tough. So for flex its between davis and letts, and the 174 pounder from american is currently 0-14 with 13 losses by bonus points. Hmmm....

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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 2/8-2/14

    With your luck Lucas trips on the mat against American and breaks his arm, thus only beating his guy by decision.
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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