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Thread: Biggest "sleeper pick"

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    Default Biggest "sleeper pick"

    Some people made some masterful late round picks on guys that got missed out the first few times around. Who are some guys on your team (if you have any) that you picked up in the late rounds and have gone on to do big things?

    Caldwell was like a 5th round for me and I think lucas was like a 10th, I picked him like 3 rounds after mike letts and he's already beaten letts head to head

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    Default Re: Biggest "sleeper pick"

    I have traded almost everyone on my team so I don't even know who some of the sleepers were.

    I think Morrison I picked up in the 13 or 15th round.
    I picked Marable AFTER Flanagan and they are both 165 lb'ers.
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    Default Re: Biggest "sleeper pick"

    I imagine you're going to be hardpressed to beat Marable for Gofer in the 13th, or MY selection of Slaton for Schlottke in the 14th in general league wide terms.

    My late round picks save for Mike Grey in the 11th were awful, so just speaking for me I'd have to say him
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    Default Re: Biggest "sleeper pick"

    slaton as the 14th is pretty hard to top...

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    Default Re: Biggest "sleeper pick"

    My last pick of Rollie Peterkin was partially out of loyalty (former team) and partially out of just being impressed seeing him in the room working out and his high placing at Sunkist Open. He has been a great pick, with about 80 points or so. I already had DHoe as my starter 125, but I think Rollie has actually outscored him so far! Kid is just going to get better and better.

    My other sleeper pick was really a trade I made with Brother ISU swapping Illinois teammates Tirapelli for Pat Bond. Seemed like a fair deal at the time but about a week or two after the trade, Tirapelli gets injured and has been out for a while, while Mr. Bond has been one of my top scorers, even though he is my 2nd 197 behind Flaggert, who has been stuck with that crappy OU schedule( No Vegas, No Midlands, No Scuffle, No national duals or VA duals--WTF?). I feel like I owe Brother ISU, so he gets a tasty sixpack of PA finest (Yuengling lager) if and when he ever drops by Philly!

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    Default Re: Biggest "sleeper pick"

    I got Scott Steele of Navy with one of my last picks. He may not end the season as the starter but he picked up lots of points so far.
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    Default Re: Biggest "sleeper pick"

    I picked up Mack Lewnes in Round 12.
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    Default Re: Biggest "sleeper pick"

    Mojo, the worst part of that trade is that I am battling you for the 7 spot, not that it matters, except bragging rights. I would be smoking you! In all fairness, Prater has not done too bad a job filling in for Tirapelle.

    I guess my steal was Stephen Dwyer of Nebraska in Round 13. He was my high scorer at Duals and has about 60 points when I've started him.
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    Default Re: Biggest "sleeper pick"

    I gotta go with Slaton over my boy Marable....
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