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Thread: Fantasy League Discussion: 1/4-1/10

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    JEEZE! I didnt know mojo had such a stacked lineup for this coming week, I'd better be watching my back

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    72 and caldwell has one match left, not as big of a leap as I was hoping I probably wont get 1st

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    you will pick up 19-22 against me this week, a good jump...

    i am wondering when Trusty or Grips is going to have a down week and I don't want to hear about their slow starts...Week 1 was just a smattering of wrestling as some teams started early and some started later...

    duals should be interesting because Fantasy Teams will certainly be affected based on how their individuals' teams do...teams like UNI could go two and out and even then a guy like Ettelson is going to have two VERY difficult matches...

    I think Oliver at Nebraska may possibly have four matches and be lucky to win 2.
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    125-Paul Donahoe 01/04 vs. Oregon St.WB decision over Jake Gonzales, OSU, 8-2 =3
    125-(FLEX) Rollie Peterkin1/6 Sun Devil Duals] def. Tony Covert (GCU), FALL 0:30=6;def #16 Fernando Martinez (Army), 8-2=3; def #19 Anthony Robles (ASU), 13-3=4=13
    133-Dan Mitcheff 1/4 Ohio St. WBDec. Reece Humphrey 6-2=3 ; 1/8=Clev. St.dec. Josh Palivoda (CLE) 4-0 =3 = 6
    141-Joe Caramanica 1/5 N.C.St. Duals pinned Chas Franz Garner Webb, at 1:43=6;tech fall Anthony DiCarlo,Anderson Coll 19-3, at 5:07=5; major dec. Kelin Bidelspach,Campbell 10-2=4:15 ; 1/9 Duke tech. fall A.J. Guardado, 17-1, at 6:19 =5;= 20
    149-Jordan Burroughs 01/04 vs. Oregon St.major decision over Kyle Larson, OSU, 20-11 =4
    157-Cyler Sanderson No Comp.
    165-Zach Shanaman 1/6 Sun Devil Duals=-def #10 Pat Pitsch (ASU), 6-2=3; def John Drew (Army), 13-3=4;wbforfietGrand Canyon=6=13
    174-John Anceravage 1/4 Penn St. LBD Erwin PSU 4-6
    184-Jake Varner No Comp.
    197- Joel Flaggert - 1/5 Lone Star Duals: wbf Tyler Moyer 2:37=6; Dennis Drury UNC 11-4=3; WBD John Drake 8-3 =3: 12
    285-Mike Spaid 1/8 Rider -dec. Ed Bordas 7-1 =3

    EDIT: Finished the week with 74 after Caramanica tech falled the Duke kid. THANK GOD AND THE COMMISH FOR THE SUPPLEMENTARY DRAFT!!! After going for the 1st half not scoring ANY points at 133 due to Ciasulli losing his wrestle-off, good karma has given me Micheff, Caramanica and Wise, who I think have scored more than Donahoe, Flaggert and Varner combined! The Switch is ON brothers, the Switch is ON!
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    My team has pretty much fallen to pieces I'll have to be extremely lucky to even have a shot at top 4 here.. I have not been a lucky guy this year.

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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 1/4-1/10

    Iowa State All-Stars

    125: Frank Perelli Cornell
    ----- vs Penn State 0
    141: Adam Frey Cornell
    ----- vs Penn State 0
    149: Josh Churella Michigan
    ----- Lone Star Duals 9
    157: Josh Zupancic Stanford
    ----- vs Drexel/Lehigh 6
    ----- vs Menlo Invite 6
    165: Stephen Dwyer Nebraska
    ----- vs Oregon State 4
    174: Brandon Sinnott Central Michigan
    ----- vs Hofstra/Edinboro 6
    184: Vince Jones Nebraska
    ----- vs Oregon State 6
    197: Joe Williams Michigan State
    ----- vs Ohio 3

    Grand Total of 12

    I mean 40.

    I'm absolutely loving the Cornell guys I took.
    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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