I may not be on to put up my roster from now until Friday so I am going to go ahead and post it here.

Turner's Big Boy's
125 Triggas v Kent State 1/4
133 Tanelli v Lonestar Duals 1/5
141 Ettelson v Chattanooga and Kennesaw State 1/6
149 Ervin v Lonestar Duals 1/5
157 Oliver (or back-up) v Oregon State 1/4
165 Flanagan (or back-up) v Lonestar Duals 1/5
174 Gavin v Duquesne and Franklin and Marshall 1/5
184 Caputo v Lonestar Duals 1/5
197 Michalek v Hofstra and Edinboro 1/6
Hwt Bergman v Kent State 1/4
Flex: Weitzel v Lonestar Duals 1/5

I think Lonestar Duals are potentially three matches each if people show up (Harvard) and assuming coaches want their guys wrestling all three matches that week. I think I can expect 20-23 matches next week.