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Discuss Gripsnhips vs LoSt at the Fantasy League Schlottke within the Wrestling Talk Forums; 125: Martinez (AF) vs Garrett (Cor) - 0-3 133: Graff (MN) vs Grey (Cor) - ...
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    Herbert DEC Askren 5-4
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    Default Gripsnhips vs LoSt

    125: Martinez (AF) vs Garrett (Cor) - 0-3
    133: Graff (MN) vs Grey (Cor) - 3-3
    141: Nevinger (Cor) vs Stieber (OSU) - 3-6
    149: Alton (PSU) vs Kindig (OSU) - 6-6
    157: Alton (PSU) vs Green (PSU) - 9-6
    165: Taylor (PSU) vs Moreno (ISU) - 14-6
    174: Kokesh (NEB) vs Storley (MD) - 17-6
    184: Beard (NI) vs Steinhaus (MN) - 17-9
    197: Rosholt (OSU) vs Cox (MIZZ) - 17-12
    HWT: Johnson (Ohio) vs Mcmullan (NW) - 17-15

    Grips usual
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    Default Re: Gripsnhips vs LoSt

    Nevinger probably gets stuck

    I like both my 149 and 157 over ALtons that have yet to wrestle a competitive match this year. Green majored Dylan last time they wrestled

    I'd take Storley over Kokesh

    27-8 LoSt, not even competitive
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Default Re: Gripsnhips vs LoSt

    Kindig would destroy Alton right now and I support the Kokesh over Storley pick
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