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Discuss Fantasy League Discussion: 2/1-2/7 at the Fantasy League Schlottke within the Wrestling Talk Forums; 125: Jesse Delgado, Illinois (Ohio State, Penn State) 133: Jimmy Gulibon, Penn State (Iowa, Illinois) ...
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 2/1-2/7

    125: Jesse Delgado, Illinois (Ohio State, Penn State)
    133: Jimmy Gulibon, Penn State (Iowa, Illinois)
    141: Camryn Jackson, Michigan (Indiana, Purdue)
    149: JAson CHamberlain, Boise State (Bakersfield, Stanford)
    157: Derek St. John, Iowa (Penn State)
    165: Corey Lear, Bucknell (George Mason)
    174: Mike Evans, Iowa (Penn State)
    184: Jake Swartz, Boise State (Bakersfield, Stanford)
    197: Brent Haynes, Missouri (Oklahoma State, Oklahoma)
    HW: Alan Gelogaev, Oklahoma State (Missouri, Iowa State)

    FLEX: 165: Mark Lewandowski, Buffalo (Kent State)


    133: AJ Schopp, Edinboro (Nothing)
    141: Josh Kindig, Oklahoma State (Missouri, Iowa State)
    157: Walter Peppelman, Harvard (Nothing)
    174: Andrew Howe, Oklahoma (Missouri)
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 2/1-2/7

    Schlottke's Posse

    125 Iwamura, CSB
    133 McCormick, MZ
    141 Nevinger, CO
    149 Houdashelt, MZ
    157 McCulley, WY
    165 Yates, VT
    174 Fausey, UVA
    184 Bosak, CO
    197 Burak, Penn
    Hwt Trice, CMU
    Flex: Young, WVU
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 2/1-2/7

    125 Pat Rollins, Oregon State: Cal Bakersfield
    133 Logan Stieber, Ohio State: Illinois
    141 Michael Mangrum, Oregon State: Cal Bakersfield
    149 Donnie Corby, Central Michigan: ODU
    157 Bobby Barnheisel, Navy: All Academy Championships
    165 Tyler Wilps, Pitt: West Virginia
    174 John Martin Cannon, Buffalo: Kent State
    184 Max Thomusseit, Pitt: West Virginia
    197 Taylor Meeks, Oregon State: Cal Bakersfield
    285 Adam Chalfant, Indiana: Michigan

    174 Dom Kastl, Cal Poly: California Collegiate open

    125 Jarrod Garnett, Virginia Tech: Nothin
    149 Justin Accordino, Hofstra
    149 Nick Lester, Oklahoma: Missouri
    174 Austin Morehead, Oregon State: Cal Bakersfield
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 2/1-2/7

    125: Dom Malone (vs Prudue)
    133: Joey Ward (vs NC State)
    141: Steven Keith (nothing)
    149: Steve Santos (vs Cornell)
    157: Jedd Moore (vs Maryland)
    165: Nick Sulzer (vs Maryland)
    174: Lee Munster (vs Prudue)
    184: Boaz Beard (vs Arizona State, vs Oklahoma State)
    197: Blake Rosholt (vs Missouri, vs Iowa State)
    285: Bobby Telford (vs Penn State)
    Flex: Jake O'Hara (vs Cornell)

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