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Discuss Fantasy League Discussion: 1/18-1/24 at the Fantasy League Schlottke within the Wrestling Talk Forums; 125: Jesse Delgado, Illinois (Nebraska, Minnesota) 133: AJ Schopp, Edinboro (Lock Haven) 141: JOsh Kindig, ...
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 1/18-1/24

    125: Jesse Delgado, Illinois (Nebraska, Minnesota)
    133: AJ Schopp, Edinboro (Lock Haven)
    141: JOsh Kindig, Oklahoma State (West Virginia, Pittsburgh)
    149: Jason Chamberlain, Boise State (Arizona State)
    157: Derek St. John, Iowa (Michigan, Michigan State)
    165: Corey Lear, Bucknell (Columbia, Army)
    174: Mike Evans, Iowa (Michigan, Michigan State)
    184: Mike Larson, Missouri (North Dakota State, Central Michigan)
    197: Scott Schiller, Minnesota (Illinois)
    HW: Alan Gelogaev, Oklahoma State (West Virginia, Pittsburgh)

    FLEX: 157: Walter Peppelman, Harvard (Cornell, Rutgers)


    133: Jimmy Gulibon, Penn State (Wisconsin, Purdue)
    141: Camryn Jackson, Michigan (Iowa)
    165: Mark Lewandowski, Buffalo (Eastern Michigan)
    174: Andrew Howe, Oklahoma (Northern Iowa, West Virginia)
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 1/18-1/24

    125 Jarrod Garnett, Virginia Tech: North Carolina, NC State
    133 Logan Stieber, Ohio State: Indiana, Wisconson
    141 Michael Mangrum, Oregon State: Stanford
    149 Nick Lester, Oklahoma: Northern Iowa, WVU
    157 Bobby Barnheisel, Navy: Maryland
    165 Tyler Wilps, Pitt: Oklahoma State
    174 Austin Morehead, Oregon State: Stanford
    184 Max Thomusseit, Pitt: Oklahoma State
    197 Taylor Meeks, Oregon State: Stanford
    285 Jeremy Johnson, Ohio: Kent State, Bloomsburg

    149 Donnie Corby, Central Michigan: Northern Illinois, Missouri

    125 Pat Rollins, Oregon State: Stanford
    149 Justin Accordino, Hofstra: CAA Duals
    174 Dom Kastl, Cal Poly: Air Force
    174 John Martin Cannon, Buffalo: Eastern Michigan

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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 1/18-1/24

    125: Dom Malone (Northern Iowa, SIUE)
    133: Joey Ward (Virginia, Virginia Tech)
    141: Steven Keith (Cornell, Rutgers)
    149: Steve Santos (Bucknell)
    157: Jedd Moore (North Carolina, Duke)
    165: Nick Sulzer (North Carolina, Duke)
    174: Lee Munster (Northern Iowa, SIUE)
    184: Ethen Lofthouse (Michigan, Michigan State)
    197: Blake Rosholt (West Virginia, Pittsburgh)
    285: Bobby Telford (Michigan, Michigan State)
    Flex: Jake O'Hara (Bucknell)

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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 1/18-1/24

    Schlottke's Posse
    125 Kraisser
    133 McCormick
    141 Futrell
    149 Lopouchanski
    157 Alton
    165 Polz
    174 Fausey
    184 Bosak
    197 Burak
    Hwt Trice
    Flex: Houdashelt
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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