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Thread: Clearly I missed something...

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    Default Clearly I missed something...

    I'll admit, I haven't been paying much attention to trades, but how the heck did Dutch end up with four #1s and a #2???

    Changes to his starters since draft

    125: Nikko Triggas → Nick Soto
    133: Cashe Quiroga → Chris Dardanes???
    141: Nick Hucke → Kendrick Maple???
    149: Cam Tessari
    157: Jason Welch
    165: Conrad Polz → Kyle Dake???
    174: Jordan Blanton
    184: Ed Ruth
    197: Dustin Kilgore
    HVY: Adam Chalfant
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    Default Re: Clearly I missed something...

    I think Russ was at work here...but all the trades went through.
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    Default Re: Clearly I missed something...

    Two of those are my original guys who made it to Dutch through Russ
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