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Thread: Fantasy Wrestling Teams

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    Default Fantasy Wrestling Teams

    In an effort to save Jensens some headaches and to see some of these team's come together, how about everyone start posting their teams here now that the draft is wrapping up.

    I will start.

    125 Jayson Ness Minnesota
    133 Pat Castillo UNI
    141 C.J. Ettelson UNI
    149 Scott Ervin Appalachian State
    157 Chris Oliver Nebraska
    165 Andrew Flanagan Harvard
    174 Keith Gavin Pittsburgh
    184 Louis Caputo, Harvard
    197 Wynn Michalek CMU
    Hwt J.D. Bergman OSU

    125 Nikko Triggas OSU
    133 Zach Tanelli Wisconsin
    165 Nick Marable Missouri
    174 Jarrod King Edinboro
    184 T.J. Morrisson Rider

    I like my team. I need some major production from Bergman and Michalek but I like my chances with alot of these guys winning there conference championships.
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    Default Re: Fantasy Teams

    125 Mike Sees, Bloomsburg
    133 Robbie Preston, Harvard
    141 Brandon Rader, West Virginia
    149 David Jarguei, West Virginia
    157 Zac Fryling, West Virginia
    165 Eric Tannenbaum, Michigan
    174 Mike Letts, Maryland
    184 Mike Pucillo, Ohio State
    197 Phil Davis, Penn State
    HVY Cody Gardner, Virginia Tech

    125 Steve Myctech, Drexel
    149/157 Darrion Caldwell, North Carolina State
    165 Andy Rendos, Bucknell
    174 Alton Lucas, Hostfra
    184 Josh Weitzel, Oklahoma
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    Default Re: Fantasy Teams

    125 Troy Nickerson Jr. Cornell
    133 Jimmy Kennedy So. Illinois
    141 Adam Frey So. Cornell
    149 Josh Churella Sr. Michigan
    157 Josh Zupancic Sr. Stanford
    165 Matt Coughlin So. Indiana
    174 Brandon Sinnott Sr. Central Michigan
    184 Vince Jones Jr. Nebraska
    197 Patrick Bond So. Illinois
    285 David Zabriskie So. Iowa State

    149 Mitch Mueller So. Iowa State
    165 Stephen Dwyer So. Nebraska
    184 Joe Williams Sr. Michigan State
    197 Jared Villers Sr. West Virginia

    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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    Default Re: Fantasy Teams

    god isu, that is a ridiculously good team...what boneheads let him get that starting four?

    those first four are all-americans if frey can keep his head on straight...churella and nickerson Top 3 or better. Kennedy Top five or better.

    The rest of your line-up is very solid...that team looks like the favorite to me so far.
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    Default Re: Fantasy Teams

    Years Off My Life
    125: Ben Ashmore: Oklahoma State
    133: Franklin Gomez: Michigan State
    141: Manny Rivera: Minnesota
    149: JP O'Connor: Harvard
    157: Gregor Gillespie: Edinboro
    165: Colt Sponseller: Ohio State
    174: David Erwin Penn State
    184: Rocco Caponi: Virginia
    197: Max Askren: Missouri
    285: Kyle Massey: Wisconsin

    Bench: Mike Grey: Cornell
    Bench: Dave Rella: Penn State
    Bench: Bonilla Bowman: Hofstra
    Bench: Sean Nemec: Ohio State
    Bench: Trevor Perry: Indiana
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    Default Re: Fantasy Teams

    i think jensens drafted with his heart...although i do see about two potential finalists there and about six potential AA's.
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    Default Re: Fantasy Teams

    My team is not as strong as I Would have liked as I missed out on several that I was hoping to get. However I think most of my team has a strong chance at AAing this year and I have likely confrence champs in letts, gardner, sees, preston, rader, jarguei, fryling, lucas, and Davis with tannenbaum having a 50/50 shot.

    The only two I can see being national title contenders this year are davis and tannenbaum which might be a problem if I do make it into the finals.

    My backups are extremely good but three of them are in the weight classes of three of my best wrestlers which might cause problems for me.

    149/157 was not a priority for me due to the parity at that weight class but I left it a little too long I think (I was really banking on getting ervin) so while I'll get plenty of points during the regular season, especially from caldwell, those are definately my weakest ncaa weights.

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    Default Re: Fantasy Teams

    are we picking team names too?
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    Default Re: Fantasy Teams

    ISUS Lightweights are pretty ridiculous, if we were talking about a dual meet or pure ncaa scoring I'd say for sure he would be in the frontrunning, the question that remains to be answered is will his team suceed in the regular season and in confrences? Only 4 of his 10 starters are favored in their confrences as of right now, and no one on his team besides nickerson is really known for bonus points.

    Also 9 of his 15 guys are from the big 12 or big 10 which are the two toughest confrences, very few if any of his guys will enter the post season undefeated.
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