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Thread: Fantasy Wrestling Teams

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    bump so I can see everyones teams without going to the fourth page.... Jensens maybe you should make a locked sticky with just a list of everyones teams so we know who all has who without having to go sifting through all these posts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoSt View Post
    I do feel good about my West virginia middle lineup though as they combined to go 21-3 in duals last year with 11 of those wins coming with bonus points attached. Additionally rader and jarguei should win their confrences this year.

    Additionally radar was hurt for part of last year but 15 of his 19 wins came by way of bonus,thats pretty ridiculous no matter what confrence

    Rader also scored a total of 84 point at the ncaas last year not counting points he scored against morgan and fish where he ended up getting pinned. This guys nuts!
    the scary thing about that comment though is that you look like you only have eight duals each...that is not alot, same as my boys from haaavaaaaad
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    11 Duals plus Kliff Keen and National duals, its not too bad really everyone should get at least 20 matches or so.

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