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Discuss Your teams ranks? at the Fantasy League Schlottke within the Wrestling Talk Forums; based off intermat. i like how most of my guys are doing so far. Funk ...
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    Default Your teams ranks?

    based off intermat. i like how most of my guys are doing so far.

    125: David Thorn #6 - So glad I grabbed him. pin over bonanno was sweet.
    133: Eric Spjut UR - Okay but not where i thought he would be. got beat by Joey Ward.
    141: Zach Niebert #7 - Other than losing to the citadel guy, he has been great. cant believe he beat graff.
    149: Derek Valenti #9 -hasnt wrestled anyone good yet but is doing well. he will see brascetta soon.
    157: Jesse Dong #7 - only wrestled once and it was a tech. hopefully more action from now on.
    165: Tyler Caldwell #3 - looked good crushing morse and toal at lindenwood.
    174: Chris Perry #1 - looked good at lindenwood.
    184: Tony Dallago #11 - has wrestled a bunch of d2 and d3 guys and lost once. hopefully just a hiccup.
    197: Brent Haynes #5 - doing well.
    285: Levi Cooper #11 - pretty much what i thought he would be. beats crappy to average guys. 40/60 against good guys. got decked by fortune.
    Ty Mitch UR
    Ridge Kiley UR
    Scott Winston #9 - other than the flemming match, i cant complain.
    John Martin Cannon #16
    Donny Logendyke

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    Default Re: Your teams ranks?

    125-#7 Soto
    133-#5 Dardanes
    141-#6 Port -#9 Nevinger
    157-#12 Bonin
    165-#1 Dake
    174-#5 Kokesh-#11 Zanetti
    184 -#13 Thoms
    197 #16 Perry #18 Huntley
    285-#20 James
    Dead Weight -174 Koehn and 165 Martinez.
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    Default Re: Your teams ranks?

    For the record, I like the rankings VAIS does over at Flo the best, but I'll use intermat ranks for comparision purposes

    125: #17 Mark Rappo
    133: #10 John Morrison, #13 Cody Brewer
    141: #2 Hunter Stieber
    149: #12 Nick Brascetta, UR Mario Mason
    157: #6 James Green, #4 Joey Napoli
    165: #2 David Taylor
    174: #10 Lee Munster
    184: #6 Josh Inhen, UR Kenny Courts
    197: #2 Matt Wilps
    HVY: #6 Chad Hanke, UR Derek Poopagoopanapolis

    125-- I could use some more firepower here, Rappo is pretty good and wrestles a decent schedule but I don't know how great his odds of AA are.
    133-- Little bummed that Morrison lost to McCormick in the finals of the lindenwood last week, but I'm still holding out hope he'll live up to the promise he showed by beating Sanders as a freshman now that he is up a weight. Brewer hasn't faced a super stiff test yet but has been absolutely lights out thus far. He'll see some good guys this weekend at the northeast duals
    141: Stieber is my pick to win a national title this year, so I can't complain much about this one
    149: Mason off to a bit of a slow start but I haven't given up on him yet. Brascetta looking like a real late gem with wins over Mason, Tessari, and Schmitt already. If he beats valenti he'll be a top 10 guy
    157: I think Green is getting cheated in these rankings, he's undefeated and in my mind is the current #4 if not higher. AAed as a true freshman and showed a ton of potential, I think he could be a dark horse title contender this year. Napoli has been the steal of the draft thus far, I was pretty psyched to see him still around in the 15th and got him purely for value, and its working out so far.
    165: David Taylor is my boy! Hard to see him doing worse then 3rd even if the world explodes, and I still think he has a good chance of knocking off dake.
    174: Munster hasn't been tested yet this year so I'm still not 100% sure where he is at. Showed some promise last year but also struggled a bit. If he's taken a step up I like him to be a mid to low AA this year, otherwise he'll hover somewhere in the top 15. This is a weight that I might be looking to back up come conference time
    184: Inhen has been about what I expected-- good guy who will lose to the top few guys but probably eek out mid to low AA. Courts has shown promise but hasn't come out of the gates as fast as I had hoped he would
    197: Wilps is everything you could ask for in a journeyman AA-- will beat the guys he's supposed to 99% of the time, win his conference, and place highly at nationals. I could even see him making the finals
    HVY: Its still too early to know for sure, but I think Hanke could be another dark horse title contender this year. He's a real force on the feet and he beat Z while redshirting. If nothing else I like him to place top 5 this year. My VA heavy sleeper was a total bust, so he's getting ditched at the supplimental
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