VERY up and down round for me... Unfortunately I overslept and so I missed most of the quarters. Pretty much every guy i expected to make it through to the semis on my team got bumped off, and most of the guys I thought were going to lose won... go figure I guess

125: Precin
LBD Definitely didnt see this one coming...

133: Hochstrasser
Dec +3, I had dennis here

141: Gallick
L, Thought he would beat jaggers

149: Caldwell
MD +4

157: Gillespie
Dec +3

165: Fay
Loses BADLY to king, though he would win

174: Jordan
Dec +3
Thought he would lose

184: Patterson
WBF +6
Dec +3

197: Todd
MD +4

HVY: Goff
Dec +3
L... 2-2 (same as the last 3 years)
Would not have expected him to lose to a marginal kid like MArone but I guess thats wrestling..

Flex: Ptax
L to caldwell (duh)

27 on the day so far it looks like with 5 all Americans in the bag.

Both of the guys sitting on my bench are AA's while the two guys I started in there place are not (Ptax still has a good chance)

Sometimes you just want to tear your hair out...!