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Thread: 2nd Round

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    I had another rough session. Nickerson still looks good though as well as Leen. Jones is having a great tourney so far. Cathell had a rough draw though and went 0-2. Strawn had a rough match as well having Brester. Dwyer's loss hurt a lot. I went 7-4 the 2nd session and 6-5 the 1st.
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    Guys I have traded:

    125: Pataky, 2-1
    133: Dennis 2-0
    141: Krom 2-0 (Beats Tshirts+Parks!!)
    149: Roberts 1-1
    157: JBB 1-1
    184: Vince Jones 2-0
    197: Halsey 2-0 (Pinned Taylor)
    HVY: Dobies 1-1
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    Quote Originally Posted by LoSt View Post
    Still a pretty solid round for me, 8-2 with Patterson being the only guy getting upset.

    Bonus slowed down a bit for me, 3 majors and 5 dec.

    76 points so far? I think
    Yea .
    I went 8-2 too -lost at 33 and 65 -one fall, one med def and one major and 5 decisions -I was happiest for Wise -finally beat Massey . i have 73 points.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    I tried to unload him -a #10 ranked wrestler for a #9 ranked guy but our commish said no. Had the trade done for Tyler Clark and he stopped it , WHY ??? I would really like to know .
    You bitch ALOT.

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    55 total with 6 in championship and 5 consos.
    Not in the title hunt, just want to score more than LoSt
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