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Discuss Fantasy Team Reflections at the Fantasy League Schlottke within the Wrestling Talk Forums; We are two weeks into the season now, still too early to predict how everything ...
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    Default Fantasy Team Reflections

    We are two weeks into the season now, still too early to predict how everything will shake out, but far enough in that most of your guys have probably wrestled a few matches. Whose stock is up, whose stock is down, and how are you guys feeling about your team at this point?

    125:#4 Nic Bedelyon 7-0
    Wrestling pretty much how I expected-- scoring lots of points against so-so guys and anchoring my fantasy team. Bedelyon is 7-0 on the year with 4 bonus wins

    133: UR Frank Martelotti 0-0
    Hasn't seen my starting lineup yet, and most likely won't for a while here, as its pretty much official that he'll be out until 2nd semester. Transfer Derek Reber is a guy I wouldn't have been unhappy having as a backup a week ago, but he had a pretty underwhelming loss today so we'll see how things play out

    133: #16 Jordan Thome, 5-2
    Thome is an average wrestler with a good schedule, and he's been doing his job to shore up 133 quite admirably.

    141: #11 Kendric Maple 3-0
    Maple off to a solid start and looking like every bit the sleeper I thought he would be. He gave up only 2 escapes in route to winning a brockport title, and while he didn't face any superstarters, he did handle the competent Matt Mariarcher without breaking a sweat

    141: #17 Hunter Stieber, 7-1
    Hunter looking like a good propsect so far an excellent value for when I got him. He had a loss by fall to the surging Evan Henderson this week but other than that he has looked great. I think he'll be ready to compete for AA by March

    149: #7 Dylan Ness
    Have yet to see Dylan in action against real competition, but he pinned his way to the finals of the Bison open this weekend, where he gave teamate Matt Mincey a lopsided beating.

    157: UR Jed Moore
    Hasn't seen my starting lineup yet, but he is 5-0 on the year and should be a competent top 20ish guy with good point scoring potential

    157: #20 Josh Demas, 7-0
    One of the sleepers I was high on coming into the year, he's having a good run so far and will definitely be moving up the rankings this week. He notched wins over #17 Nicholson and #18 Mock to continue his undefeated streak

    165: #1 David Taylor, 1-0
    1 for 1 with 1 pin. Not much else to say-- as long as he doesn't come down with an injury, I expect Taylor to win a title in dominating fashion

    174: #4 Nick Heflin, 7-0
    Mr. Decision is off to a rather quiet 7-0 start this year. We'll see if he is able to hold his #4 ranking when he wrestles #3 Jordan Blanton in the allstar next week

    184: UR Nate Schiedel, 5-2
    A somewhat dissapointing loss to Clymer at the BU open today, but Schiedel is looking like largely who I thought he was-- a mid-level guy who scores a lot of fantasy points

    197: #4 Chris Honeycut, 8-0
    Honeycutt is off to a good start this year and he'll be wrestling D3 standout Byron Tate in the Allstar Classic next week

    197: Morgan Mcintosh 1-0
    Morgan hasn't seen my lineup yet and won't for a week or two, but he'll face a stiff test next week when he wrestles returning AA Sonny Yohn. I'm picking him to win and still expecting big things out of him this year

    HVY: #14 Elijah Madison
    The only guy on my team whose stock is significantly down at this point. Madison suffered two losses to un-notables at the Brockport open, both in quadruple overtime. Heavyweight is pretty awful this year, so I still think he's an AA contender, but he's definitely not looking like he's on the verge of a breakout year

    HVY: UR Nick Gwazowski (I can't spell his name) 5-0
    My other heavyweight however, is definitely earning his keep. He hasn't had to wrestle anyone great yet, but as a undersized true freshman I think he definitely turned some heads by winning the BU open and recording a pin in the finals. This guy is going to have a bright future
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    Default Re: Fantasy Team Reflections

    125: Jesse Delgado, Illinois-One loss to Bedelyon, and he's put up bonus otherwise. I'm fine with him for now, but will probably look to upgrade.

    133: Tony Ramos, Iowa-Ruh Roh. Lost his wrestle off AGAIN. FOrtunately nobody has Tyler Clark, so I'm ok for now even if Tony loses the spot.

    141: Boris Novachkov, Cal Poly-Hasn't had a scoreable match yet, but I'm still ok with this.

    141: Nick Dardanes, Minnesota-No scoreable matches, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't ab it concerned with his close win in the finals of the Bison Open

    149: Mike Kelly, Iowa-Uh oh.

    157: Walter Peppelman, Harvard-Annoyed that he lost to Lister, but it actually worked out because he got two more matches, including a pin. Otherwise, I'm ok here.

    165: Mike Evans, Iowa-Very excited for what is coming.

    165: Mike Blevins, App State-Solid point scorer for me.

    174: Mike Benefiel, Oklahoma State-This was purely a hope and pray pick.

    174: Corey Peltier, Maryland-Lost his wrestle off, but his replacement has scored well for me.

    184: Kevin Steinhaus, Minnesota-No scorable matches, but I'm feeling fine here.

    197: Micah Burak, Penn-Really pissed me off not showing up at Binghamton Open. Still, I'm fine with him.

    197: Kyven Gadsen, Iowa State-I think this kid is going to be a stud, and in the meantime, his back up has scored me some points.

    HWT: Zach Rey, Lehigh-One match, one pin. Look out, David Taylor.

    HWT: Bobby Telford, Iowa-STOKED for this guy, he's got a lot of pinning potential against all these less than athletic HWT's.
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    Default Re: Fantasy Team Reflections

    The only person who is really killing me so far is Corey Mock, I like what I've gotten from pretty much everyone else given where I got them.

    Need to stay away from UNC middleweights it seems like.
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    Default Re: Fantasy Team Reflections

    My team needs some work. After the apparent RS of my #2 overall pick Chamberlain, and the "odd man out w Wolfensberger and the "where the hell is he" with Salupo, I'm doing my best to recover on the fly.
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    Default Re: Fantasy Team Reflections

    Was watching the history channel about the fall of the third reich-THOSE paratroopers jumped out HEAD first ?! I mean we're not talking about some weekend jump either-head first into the same town which is being bombed !!
    THAT is the way I view my team . I've jumped now i need to build a chute -quickly
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    Default Re: Fantasy Team Reflections

    Those were some BAMF'ers.
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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