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Thread: Looking for a 141

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    Default Looking for a 141

    Since Varela is most likely going 149. I am in need of a 141. All resonable offers considered.

    125: Matt McDonough
    133: Fred Santaite, Zac Stevens
    149: Tyler Nauman, Dylan Carew, Vicente Varela
    157: Mark Lewandowski
    165: Shane Onufer, David Bonin
    174: Jordan Blanton
    184: Jerome Ward, Jon Fausey
    197: Zac Thomusseit
    285: Spencer Myers, Lee Helbig
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    Default Re: Looking for a 141

    You mean Varela is going 149 right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by goferphan View Post
    You mean Varela is going 149 right?
    Yes 149; lack of sleep is catching up with me today. One of my stupid dogs had me up ever 30-45 minutes after 2 am this morning.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke 1984-2011

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