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Discuss Your Team's Draw at the Fantasy League Schlottke within the Wrestling Talk Forums; 125-Nicholson-Great draw to the quarters, already beat Sanders and then gets Robles. Don't like his ...
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    Default Your Team's Draw

    125-Nicholson-Great draw to the quarters, already beat Sanders and then gets Robles. Don't like his chances since he hasn't wrestled him yet and I think guys need that experience to figure out how to wrestle him.

    133-Grey-Awful seed! I hate hitting Carter in the second round and if you get past him you get Oliver. Chances to AA have gone down, but I think he will rise to the occasion!

    141-Russell-Bailey in the quarters is a little worrisome and I think Marion awaits in the semi's. He has been a gamer all year, hopefully it holds true and he finishes the year undefeated

    149-Green-Decent draw, like the style match-up with Parks, but I think he will win his first and have to battle through the consy's to AA. I'm glad he at least got seeded

    157-Jenkins-Dong in the quarters could provide trouble, but I have to think he would rather be on the top side of the bracket than hit either Fittery or Taylor. I think he has a chance to get to the finals, or lose in the quarters and not place.

    165-Caldwell-I think he has a great draw to the semi's and if Howe isn't 100%, maybe he gets to the finals. I like that he hopefully hits Bailey in the quarters, giving me an AA.

    165-Flex-Bailey-Still trying to figure out how a guy seeded 5th in his conference of 5 teams gets the #6 seed, but I'll take it. Gillespie could give him problems in the 1st round, but I think he gets to the qtrs and hits Caldwell. Hopefully he wins 1 of the next two and AA's

    174-Caruso-Tough 1st round draw, have to hope he pulls an upset or wrestles back tough

    184-Ihnen-I like the Perry match-up in the 2nd round. After watching their Big 12 match, I think he has a good shot to beat him if he can finish a shot. All things considered, about as good as I could ask.

    197-Brandvold-Great draw, look for a great match in the semi's with foster, barring upsets. I think he has a good chance to get ot the finals

    Hwt-Wade-Really hurt himself with his Big 10 performance. I think he has an uphill battle to AA. Definitely can beat Nelson, but would have had an easier road if he made Big ten finals.

    All in all I think I have a decent shot at 2-3 finalists and 6-8 AA's. I will be in the hunt for top 3.

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    Default Re: Your Team's Draw

    My choices for FLEX have the #4 and #6 seed respectively then downhill from there.

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    Default Re: Your Team's Draw

    Well I have 15 qualifiers so I guess take some of this with a grain of salt since some were wildcards:

    125 Robles #1 seed, nice draw, has Snyder then Keith to get to round of 8.

    133 Ruggerillo has Johnson and then Hutter in the next round. Should get through there.

    133 Morrill-gets #7 Futrell and then Peterkin. He isn't gonna get past Futrell though so look for him in consi's. Probably won't flex Morrill.

    141 Kemmerer-gets Kohler which is a really tough match up for him. 50/50 chance to get past that match where Marion will then be waiting for him.

    149 Lopouchanski-I think he got screwed a bit as he drew Caldwell in the first round. Would have like to see how he could have done in this tournament had he had a reasonable first round. Might do a little bit of damage in consi's but I don't see him getting to AA status with that draw.

    149 Gaethje-he has been wrestling very poorly this year and not quite sure whats wrong. I am assuming an injury. He has Sanjaa in round one and then Vinson. If I knew he was healthy, I would most likely consider starting him over Lopouchanski but I will have to think on that for now.

    157 John-draws Fittery, ouch. He should get a couple of opportunities for wins in consi's but there won't be an AA run out of that draw for Mr. John.

    165 Sponseller-gets a pretty tough match-up I think in Porter and then gets Cody Yohn who wrestled him to a 4-0 match at Big Tens. I think Spons gets through to quarters but it won't be easy.

    165 Yates-you don't want to draw a Hawkeye in the first round and thats exactly what Yates has in Janssen. While I think it ends up being a 1 or 2 point match, I just think Janssen has had more big matches this year and that will make the difference

    174 Ruth-draw Bruttreger first round and then Glasser. I have him penciled in to quarterfinals.

    184 Schiedel-drew Rutt and I think Rutt puts a beatdown on him. Schiedel is tough but out of his league in this match-up. I think he has a chance in consi's to come back through and get a round of 12 but not an AA candidate.

    197 Ward-first of my three qualifying 197 lb'ers. Ward has Schuth who he can beat but he can also lose too. I have Biondo and Hall and I honestly think Ward is the most talented of the three. I think I am going to start him just because I am the one who needs to take a chance and I would need an AA out of him in order to make a run of any kind. I don't think Biondo or Hall have it in them. If Ward gets by Schuth he gets Busak next.

    197 Biondo-Biondo has Mitchell in the tailback and then Sonny Yohn. If Yohn falls on his head and loses, Biondo has Powless. I don't see that happening at all.

    197 Hall-Hall is interesting as he is 23-3 but had a weak schedule. Even with that record he never made a Top 25 list anywhere. I think Henke introduces him to big time wrestling in the opening round and he goes 0-2. If he gets by Henke, he has Brandvold. Goodnight now.

    Hwt Trice-Trice has a decent draw if he can get by Wine, then Alcala. He then has Rasing to make the semi's. I think Trice has had alot of tight matches but like Russell, seems to come out on top of those.

    My biggest issue is with the Lopuchanski draw but that was just dumb luck.
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    Default Re: Your Team's Draw

    I really think Morrill has grown into a fine 133. 141 -157 you just got SHIT draws !! Trice/Alcala will be a great match.

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    Default Re: Your Team's Draw

    Alcala didn't look like himself until his last match in the Big 10s. He has the potential to AA.
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    Default Re: Your Team's Draw

    Mojo's Monster Brothers

    ROUND ONE (1) : (8-3): 4+6+6+5+3+0+0+3+0+3+3= 33 :

    ROUND TWO (2) : (6-5):4+6+0+0+0+3+3+3+3+3+0= 22

    125: Brandon Precin v. Jillard (LIB) [BP MajDec 11-0] ; BP dec Langle 8-0 ]

    133: Andrew Hochstrasser v.McCormick(MIZZ) [AH wbFall Smith-2:26]; ;AH TECHFALL over Smith (BUFF)16-1

    141: Cole Von Ohlen v.Druin (ISU) [CVO wbFall 2:26!]; w of Cleveland (CHATT)/Bailey(OKU) CVO has had a GREAT season, and can knock off Druin,Cleveland and/or Baily if he turns his jet fighter on to warp speed! I hope he does, he is an old school, aggressive, pinner/point-getter. Best trade I made all year!) (#**%&%*#!!!+:?Bailey!!![CVO lost by Dec to Baily 7-4] Gotta put points on the pyramid man! C'mon coach, enough of this old school nonsense, time ta git with the program dude!!!: Oh Yea, I said WARP speed, like Star Trek Cole, not WART Speed, which is how long it takes Compound W to get rid of those growths on Brother Lost's palms.mad:

    149: Darrion Caldwell v. Loupochansky(UNCG) [DC wbmajDec.18-7! ] (much as I love DC, this could be huge upset here (then again, maybe not so much!) ) ; w o Radar(WVU)Garjales(MICH), then --- then DAKE! Man, if DC wins it he deservezss the OW and the Hodge! Damn, no magical season. Stop dusting off that Hodge display case! DC injury defaults to Grajales,] another of a long line of kids destined to be tne next Dan Cayle Schultz! !hope DC arm isnt too badly banged up.He's got an Olympic team to make. While he should be first team if things pan out, a nice 2nd alternate trophy is nuttin ta piss on either!. Still love ya DC!

    157: Jesse Dong v. Cathell (KSU) [JD wbDec. 6-2] watch the fatman rolls Jess!); ( Young beats Dong 9-4)

    165: Turtogtokh Luvsandorj- v. Onofur(WYO) [TL lbfall] ; w o Resnick(RIDER)/Toal(MIZZ) this guy Turt Luv could be suprise AA or 2 & BBQ, flip a coin [lZeerip wbdec Luvsandorj 3-1-a light spankking, but a loss nonethe less!] Enjoy the Tasty BB,, but remember, wight-cutting season is only 5 short months away!

    174: Ryan Patrovich v.Manuel(PUR) [lbdec 2-5];w o Reader(ISU=instant death by mauling) Patrovich wbDec. 3-1 over Zeerip(MICH)]

    184: Chris Honeycutt 2011 NCAA Champ! v.Arand(ORST) [wbdec 8-2] CH dec Reburtis(Navy) 9-2]
    Nice win by the 2011 NCAA 184 lb champion! You heard it hear first!!!

    197: Riley Orosco v.#5Lofthouse (IOWA good upset here); w o Porter(GWEBB)/Geisen(STAN)sweet revenge if he makes it past Uncle L. [LbDEC 1-4] RO WBDec Travis 10-3]

    285: Dom Bradley v. Felix (BOISE) [DB wbDec 2-0]; w o Snyder(HOF)/Bugenhagen(WIS) Dom is wrestling better since Journeyman disaster, but very little intensity and I can easily see him getting knocked off the podium. Heavy is a g/d GREAT weight this year (but isn't it always?!?) I even changed my mind and put a heavy @ Flex!! DB wbDec 3-1 Bag 'o Burgers(WISC)]

    FLX:Blake Raising v. Simonson, (ISU);[Raising wbDec 2-0] Raising: loss by DEC to Fernandez (OU) 1-3
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