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Thread: 149 or 184

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoSt View Post
    Zapp last time I checked you werent even in this league... if you want to come banter thats one thing but you have no right to come in here and start criticizing trades...

    Its one thing for gopher to jump on me, I pretty much expect that when I do anything thats going to increase my margin of victory over him
    LOL at no right. What do you think banter is? It's not a private forum, and therefore, there's no rules about what I'm allowed to say and not say. Sorry if it makes you uncomfortable to have it pointed out that your demands are ridiculous.
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    Well whatever you two jokers may think, there are only three people who's opinions matter and they have all agreed to the trade....

    "As tough as it is I'll go ahead and take the trade." thats my pm from stiffy, I dont think you can get any more clear about that.

    I am willing to let Jordan stay in stiffys lineup for the week if the commish will allow that, otherwise I will put him in my lineup if that is possible. I'll leave that up to Jensens
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Its not even a question that Jordan stays in Stiffy's line up for this week.

    You guys didn't get the trade in on time for the switch to have been made.

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    Alright that is fine by me I assumed that would be the case
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Like I said, Stiffy has been PM'd and told that he might as well wait and pick up a 184 in the supplemental draft so I believe he should have the right to weigh that decision before he makes that trade.
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    Gofer stiffy has already agreed to the trade... if he wants to contact me and discuss it further then I guess we will go there as it happens, but right now it is settled.

    I really think you are overstepping your bounds here in trying to interfere in a trade you arent involved in just because you think I got a good deal.
    Gold is an idiot.

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    I'll go ahead and make the trade official as I already told lost I would. I wish I could have the decision back as I was slightly intoxicated when I agreed...but I'm not a guy to go back on my word. I am banking on Brenner to keep tearin it up though and took that into deep consideration and was impressed semi when I saw Jones wrestle earlier this year.
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