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Thread: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/7-11/13

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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/7-11/13

    The Fratmen

    125: Tyler Clark ISU (Utah Valley)
    133: Steve Bell Maryland (Lehigh, MSU Open)
    141: Chris Drouin ASU (UC Davis)
    149: Trevor Chinn Lehigh (Maryland)
    157: Dan Vallimont Penn State (nada)
    165: Trevor Stewart CMU (Brockport)
    174: Steve Anceravage (nada)
    184: Jake Herbert Northwestern (MSU Open)
    197: Andrew Anderson UNI (Loras Open)
    285: Rashard Goff Cleveland State (MSU Open)
    Flex: Jerome Ward ISU (Utah Valley)
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/7-11/13

    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Given that you're Mr. Region #7 I assume you may have better info on Geisen's state than I do.

    You can start him in your line up, and if Barrett wrestles and wins you'll still get points.

    Judging by the way you two are attempting to crawl up each other's ass in the Boise State thread, not well...
    Well region 7 is screwy half the schools aren't even close to naming a line-up. I didn't know about Geisen until he was a no show at the wrestle offs.
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/7-11/13

    Team Communist
    125: James Nicholson (ODU) - MSU Open
    133: Kyle Hutter (ODU) - MSU Open
    141: Ryan Williams (ODU) - MSU Open
    149: Bryce Saddoris (Navy) - CSU-Fullerton, Stanford, CSU-Bakersfield
    157: J.P. O'Connor (Harvard)
    165: Nick Marable (Missouri)
    174: Mike Letts (Maryland) - MSU/NCState Open (possible)
    184: John Barone (Duke) - NCState Open
    197: Cayle Byers (George Mason) - Virginia Tech
    285: Kyle Massey (Wisconsin)
    Flex: Frank Molinaro (Penn State) - MSU Open
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/7-11/13

    Team Uaintnothin

    125 Anthony Robles Arizona St. - UC Davis
    133 Jake Strayer Penn St. - MSU Open
    141 J Jaggers Ohio St. - NC State Open
    149 Eric Medina Maryland - Lehigh, MSU Open
    157 Brian Letters Maryland - Lehigh, MSU Open
    165 Jon Reader ISU - Utah Valley
    174 Chris Heinrich Virginia - MSU Open
    184 Kyle Bressler Oregon St. - Nothing
    197 Clayton Foster Okie St. - Nothing
    285 David Zabriskie ISU - Utah Valley

    125 Tony Mustari Northern Colorado - Nothing

    Back ups
    133 Kelly Kubec Oregon St.
    149 Corey Jantzen Harvard
    197 Chad Hanke Oregon St.
    285 Trey McLean Penn
    Oregon Wrestling Forum

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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/7-11/13

    backups don't work like that wrastler
    I wish I could kick Matt Dragon in the balls. In his Dragonballz.

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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/7-11/13

    I already let him know about his flex and how that works, I think he is just laying out his entire team for giggles.
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/7-11/13

    125: Troy Nickerson
    133: Tristan Deshazer
    141: Alex Tsirtsis
    149: Dustin Schlatter
    157: Jordan Leen
    165: Stephen Dwyer
    174: Duke Burke ISU- Utah Valley Dual
    197: Eric Lapotsky OU- UCO dual
    HWT: Joe Fendone
    Curtis Chenoweth
    wannabe national champ headed to a new home:walkman:

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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/7-11/13

    Minnesconny Bophers
    133 Humphry NC State Open
    157 Coughlin MIchigan State Open
    285 Steele Cal State Fullerton, Stanford, Cal State Bakerfield
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/7-11/13

    Waffle Crappers

    133-Nick Fanthorpe (ISU) Utah Valley
    141-Cody Cleveland (UTC) Newberry/Davidson
    149-Bubba Jenkins (PSU)
    157-Jason Welch (NW) MSU Open
    165-Mack Lewnes (Cor)
    174-David Rella (OSU) NC State Open
    184-Joe Budi (ODU) MSU Open
    197-Hudson Taylor (UMD) Lehigh
    285-Clayton Jack (OSU) Simon Fraser
    Flex-Dennis Drury (UNC) NC State Open
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