I've been pouring over rosters trying to find some kind of move that makes sense but I really seem to be stumped here. Its possible that I might just be sitting with my team til the supplemental this year, but if any of you have trade offers let me know.

I'd be willing to trade everyone on my roster except Lewnes and David Taylor for the right kinds of offers.

125: Jarrod Patterson, Cashe Quiroga
133: Eric Morrill
141: Chris Villalonga
149: Kevin LeValley, Justin Accordino
157: David Taylor
165: Scott Winston, Ryan LeBlanc
174: Mack Lewnes, Ed Ruth
184: Ben Clymer
197: Jerome Ward, Logan Brown
HVY: Ryan Flores

In particular I'm really looking for an AA caliber 141 pounder, and maybe some strength at 133 and 184 as well