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    Default Iowa Freshman

    Any word on any of the following?

    Anthony Baldosaro - 157
    Josh Dziewa - 141
    Mike Evans - 174

    I think they all went undrafted. I think Mike Evans and Josh Dziewa could make runs at starting spots.
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    I think the plan is to red-shirt all of them. I think of those three Dziewa has the best shot(outside shot). The name I keep hearing about is Michael Kelly apparently he could make a run at 149.
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    Why wrestle True freshman studs Baldarosa and Evans when you have redshirt freshman studs in Lofthouse and St. John?

    I guess if St. John moved up to 165 you could put in Baldarosa at 157. And if Marrion doesnt come back maybe Dwiza would be better then the alternatives at 141

    But we're assuming these guys are ready to go out there and compete as true freshman, which frankly, not many guys are. Name the last Iowa guy who was AA caliber as a true frosh. Mark Perry?

    I dont think Metcalf, Borschel, Slaton, McD, would have accomplished much their first year in the college room.
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    Default Re: Iowa Freshman

    I find myself agreeing with LoSt ?? The LEAP from high school to college is one few can accomplish . Their used to be a rule where freshman could not participate in varsity sports -so as to let them acclimatize to college life , academically and athletically ,for most this is the first time away from home and the Sirens of keggers and co-eds are very alluring .

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    You don't think Metcalf would have accomplished much in his first year? Ummmm, he lost on a penalty point to the eventual NCAA runner up, and went 1-1 with Schlatter just a few months before they started college. Metcalf would have been fine as a true frosh.
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    Ok I will concede that Metcalf might have done pretty well for himself as a true frosh
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    Payton said "few can accomplish" not "none could accomplish". There was this guy named Dustin Schlatter.......
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