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Thread: Supplemental Draft Dates

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    Default Supplemental Draft Dates

    Looking at the time frame last year, it looks like the supplemental draft would start about Dec 11-12, with changes taking effect the next week...correct?
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    a PM I recieved from Jensens the other day:

    "We're going to start it on 12/18 which actually works out perfect for me in terms of running the draft because that is the first day of winter break for the school district I'm working in. So I'll be able to wake up whenever, tally scores and then start getting after people.

    Like last year there is no break in competition so we'll be making picks while the Reno scoring period is going on.

    Guys you pick up again like last year won't be eligible to use until the next (Midlands/Scuffle) week."

    So just like last year, we'll be drafting right before Scuffle/Midlands
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    Default Re: Supplemental Draft Dates

    Like Lost said that I said, 12/18 is the planned start date right now.

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    Default Re: Supplemental Draft Dates

    Should I be concerned that Jensens is working in a school district?

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    Default Re: Supplemental Draft Dates

    Well, considering IPS just fired and arrested a substitute for child molesting -multiple counts -i'd say no. This guy had cM on hs record but still got a job subbing -he'd then met some little girls in class ,befriend them and then start an e-mail relationship-all led to sexual intercourse with a minor .
    On my grandfathers farm we used to have to castrate piglets -I would volunteer to cut this 27 year olds nuts off-so i'd say jensenS is not as bad as 70% of the others .

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    i'd say jensenS is not as bad as 70% of the others .
    I'll take those numbers!

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