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Thread: Week 10 (1/4-1/10) Lineups

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    Default Re: Week 10 (1/4-1/10) Lineups

    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    125-Christian Cullinan-Bucknell
    133-Tony Ramos-Ohio State, Purdue
    141-Mitchell Port-Buffalo
    149-Steve Santos-Cal Poly Duals
    157-Joey Napoli-Cornell
    165-bubby graham-ISU
    174-Mike Evans, OSU, Purdue
    184-Ed Ruth-Off
    197-Quentin Wright-Off
    285-Levi Cooper-Penn, Rutgers, Stanford
    Flex-Jesse Dong-Duke
    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    Yeah....cant do that buddy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gold View Post
    sorry, but this lineup was submitted past the deadline, so we can't accept it. We will use last week's lineup instead, though, so you shouldn't be too bad off. It might be helpful to submit them a day earlier.
    Rule: all lineups must be posted by midnight (Pacific Time) Thursday night. If your lineup is not posted by this deadline, your lineup from the previous week will be used. No exceptions.

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    Fine by me. I post it regardless. You wont see me fight and moan about it.

    Dont hold onto this Buck. It is unbecoming.
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Default Re: Week 10 (1/4-1/10) Lineups

    Week 10 (1/4-1/10) Lineups

    125: #4 Trent Sprenkle DNW

    133: #16 Ian Nickell
    Jan 6th Wyoming DEC 3/3
    Jan 6th Columbia DEC 3/6

    141: #15 Luke Vaith DNW

    149: #5 Cole Von Ohlen DNW

    157: #3 James Fleming DNW

    165: #2 David Taylor DNW

    174: #3 Logan Storley DNW

    184: #3 Kevin Steinhaus DNW

    197: #12 Braden Atwood
    Jan 4th MSU DEC 3/9
    Jan 6th Iowa DEC 3/12
    285: UNR Jimmy Lawson DNW

    174: #15 John Martin-CannonJan 6th Edinboro DEC 3/15
    Avg rank 9.0
    last week avg rank 9.0
    week 8 ranking: 7th
    week 9 ranking: 7th

    125: #9 Nathan Krassier DNW
    133: UNR Brian Owen Jan 5th Oregon State DEC 3/3 (+3)
    174: #9 Greg Zanetti next match Jan 3rd CS Bakersfield DEC 3/3 Jan 6th ASU loss Jan 6th Stanford DEC 3/6 (-6)
    197: #4 Alfonso Hernandez next match Jan 4th Utah Valley MAJOR 4/4 Jan 6th San Francisco State FFT 3/7 Jan 6th Cal Poly TECH FALL 5/12 Jan 6th Columbia TECH FALL 5/17 (-11)
    285: UNR Matt Gibson DNW

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