I was reading up on the new NCAA dual format, and I couldn't help but think of whether or not the new proposed format would change the way that you would draft if it is implemented. On one hand, we will still have our traditional NCAA tournament which we know our wrestlers would score big at, but on the other hand, there would still be wrestling to be done after the Individual tournament, so we would definitely have to change the way that our champion is decided.

Another thought would be, are you going to be more inclined to draft a wrestler on a big name team (Iowa, Penn St., Cornell) who you know will most likely be participating in the Dual Tournament, or will you stick with the solid draft picks from the smaller schools that may not get the chance to wrestle in the national duals? Now I know that the change wouldn't affect this upcoming season, but as an example: would you rather draft Donnie Vinson on a Binghampton team that may or may not make the National Dual tournament, or would you draft Chris Villalonga from Cornell who you know almost for sure would be participating in the National Dual tournament? (Bad example I know but its the best I could come up with while watching my Indianapolis Colts play)

Just a thought provoking question. I'm looking forward to this upcoming season, this is the year that I make it to the final tournament!