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Thread: Herbst will sit the bench!

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    Default Herbst will sit the bench!

    Unless YOU make your move today!

    Think opportunity here--he could probably help you greatly improve your 197 or flex spot.

    This is what I'm looking to do: I will trade you Herbst and Wrestler A at Weight X from my starting lineup for whoever you can offer me that is better than Wrestler A at Weight X.

    For example, I have recently made trade offers like this one: I give Herbst (I will also consider trading Jimmy Kennedy) and Joey Fio (125#) for Nickerson/Escobedo/Precin (125#).

    Think opportunity and act now!
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    Default Re: Herbst will sit the bench!

    I'll give you Kyle Terry for Herbst.

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    Default Re: Herbst will sit the bench!

    I'm working on a 3 way trade that may involve you.
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    Default Re: Herbst will sit the bench!

    I'm in your same position Gold, except I dont have anyone thats asking me for a three way.
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