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Thread: Week 14 Line Ups 2/9-2/15 DUE SUNDAY

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    Default Re: Week 14 Line Ups 2/9-2/15 DUE SUNDAY

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    Even though it is late and he picked up Mueller I think you should let accboy's line up stand -he's been through a lot lately .
    I can't just blanketly do that, didn't let Gold go for this last week. I let Scott go because of some serious issues with his daughter. accboy, send me a PM and let me know what your situation was that led to your putting your lineup in late.
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    Default Re: Week 14 Line Ups 2/9-2/15 DUE SUNDAY

    You don't need to worry about upsetting me--I don't care. I know that's not really your reason, but don't let anticipation of my reaction influence your decision.

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